Friday, November 09, 2007

Quarter Day

It's 7:22 AM and I've already been at work for an hour. The Rio Grande Depot is going to be more like Grand Central Station today -- for today, is the official launch of the Utah Quarter.

Coin collectors from across the country are setting up shop upstairs. We're going to have the Pony Express, horses and buggies, fancy automobiles and futuristic trains up and down Broadway today.

I am in charge of 2,000 fourth graders who will be performing "Iron Wheels a Rollin" at the ceremony which starts in two and a half hours.

I would be outside helping, but I already taped up all the reserved parking signs for the Governor's Office and Zions Bank people. Now we're just waiting for tables and chairs to be delivered and the quarters to be delivered. Zions Bank has to deliver the quarters in locked up cases.

This is serious stuff.


ThomCarter said...

Seriously cool!

ThomCarter said...

Although, my state quarter (the thrid quarter to come out in the series) is totally rad.

It has that famous painting of Washington crossing the Delware River on "tails"

Why did they decide to go with this for Utah?