Monday, May 23, 2011

The Lisa List

This is going up late because my weekend was GO GO GO with virtually no breaks. I even slept in until 11:30 on Sunday I was so tired.

Anyway, my little sister turned 30 on Friday! It’s so weird to see her turn 30. Mostly because I still feel like I’m 25.

Time to list all the things I love about having Lisa as a sister:

  1. She is SO much fun to talk to. I’m not a phone talker, but I can talk to Lisa on the phone for a long time.
  2. She is very creative, always thinking up new things to make for her home and new recipes to try.
  3. She is excellent with that camera.
  4. ...and the camera LOVES her.
  5. I have more inside jokes with her than I do with anyone else. Some things we say we’ve been saying for so long I forgot where they came from.
  6. As a mother she has been through a lot and has had superhuman patience with Jack and his HLHS. I don’t know how she survived the summer of 2009.
  7. She has great taste in music, in clothes and in food and I use her as my barometer.
  8. She’s a great travel companion.
  9. She’s very well rounded and likes to do a lot of things.
  10. Even when I feel like I want to be alone, I don't mind having her around. I can only say that about a few people.

Love you Leese! 30 looks good on you.