Friday, August 17, 2012

Goal #14: Files

If you remember, I needed aesthetic inspiration to start keeping files, so I found a file cabinet on Craigslist, made it cute, and now I have more space than I need for files (in fact, two of the drawers in this cabinet are for yarn and fabric. It's great.

I've been trying to organize my house ever since I moved in. I need to centralize all my information and papers so I know where to find things like photo CDs, warranties, sheet music, brochures and postcards my mom gives me, etc. The top of my file cabinet has been collecting more and more papers and more and more dust until last night, I finally decided to get to work and file it away. The cabinet still needs some work. And I probably have some stuff here at work that belongs at home in the files, but that will be a never ending process.

Hooray for organizing! Next up? My garage -- or maybe the utility closet. I need to turn half of that into a coat closet. Or maybe I buy an armoire for the dining room...that's weird. But with small houses weird's part of the territory. I strive for cute/classy weird though. It works.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Goal #25: Free Tickets

I'll admit, I'm fudging this one a wee bit. My goal was to buy season tickets to something. Instead I found a way to get free season tickets to something.

My lovely friend Annie Harrell Walker was a volunteer for Ballet West. She hooked me up with an opportunity to play the piano for the ballet in exchange for free tickets last year. So every now and then I would volunteer and get into a performance for free.

Yesterday I got an email from the volunteer coordinator who sent out the dates of all the performances this season and asked for pianists. I booked the whole season. Bada bing bada boom -- season tickets. I'm set. If anyone is dying to see a production and wants to come, I take bribes. I can also take you to the secret, catered reception in the basement during intermission. Sometimes there are two.

I wonder what else I can get into for free because I know how to play the piano. I asked PTC once...or tried to. They are so difficult up there. I did have season tickets for their plays a couple years ago. That was fun. Yes, you do see some plays that you wouldn't have chosen to if you bought them a la carte, but that's the point right? To expose yourself to a variety of playwrights, actors, etc. See what's out there. And feel cool because you have the same seats at every production because you are a season ticket holder.

Someday when I'm rich I'll be able to get season tickets for something because I have loads of cash, not because I'm a volunteer. But for now, it works just fine.