Saturday, May 09, 2009

No one better lay a finger on her Butterfinger.

The other day I was at a conference. Several display tables were set out and one of them had a big basket of candy for the taking. When I approached the candy, there was a girl standing there.

"Sorry, I got the last Butterfinger," she said.
"Oh really? Dangit."
"Oh, wait!" she said, "There's one more."

And then she took it.
Dead serious.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

While You Were Away...

This post is for Dad because when he calls me from London, he usually asks about the house. He seems concerned that it's being trashed by either us or neighborhood vandals when we're not there.

You can't blame him, leaving your home for 6 months can be a little unsettling. So last time I was there, I decided to take some pictures. I apologize for the low quality, these were actually taken with my cell phone because I didn't have a real camera with me.

Here is the north side of the house. Doesn't look too bad...

Front porch...

Family Room/Kitchen area...

Living Room.

Mail Room. Junk mail is piling up...

Here's the fridge. Looks like you have some fry sauce from Arctic Circle waiting for you. I'm thinking that was Lisa. I'm going to say the yoplait is Kelly's. And I'm going to say the fountain drink is mine.

I can't guarantee this is how it will look when you get home. This is how it looked as of April 24.