Monday, January 30, 2012

#12: Framing

Framing artwork is sometimes more expensive than the artwork itself. Which is why I've put it off for so long. I finally framed three pieces that have been needing frames. Well, one has been needing a frame for a few years, one has been sitting in an ugly frame for even longer, and the third just hung on the wall without a frame.

This is a print by Stefanie Dykes. I didn't want to pay to get it "framed" so I bought an IKEA frame. Kinda cheap I know, but my credit card is tired. Also, I'm not sure where I want to hang it so for now it's going to rest on this table next to my keys and the lovely vase my sister in law Kelly got me for Christmas. You know what else is going to look cute in this room? Goal #32. Coming soon...

I bought this Shawn Rossiter several years ago at the Zions Bank landscape show. The frame was hideous. He knew that. Last November I sent him a picture message telling him he was going to reframe it for me. He balked at the ugliness of the frame (he confessed it was a yard sale find) and agreed. I finally took it to Tanner Frames around the new year. Travis Tanner is a great framer. Go there. Sorry I don't have a before picture. Believe me. This looks TONS better.

This is a mixed media piece by Anthony Siciliano. I bought it at Art Access's 300 Plates Fundraiser. They've been doing it forever and this past year was my first time going. I think it was around April. Anyway, I went mostly because my darling Aunt Suzi and cousin Liz came with me. I think they each got something too. In my old house I just had it hanging without a frame, but I took it in with the Rossiter piece and got it framed for $50. It looks way better -- nice and finished. I recommend getting your plates framed.

All right. Two goals down. Not bad, not bad.

Monday, January 16, 2012

#30: Mahalo

Usually when I think of a goal, I think of a lot of time, preparation and effort on my part. But lucky for me, my dad made visiting a new state this year easy for me.

For the past few years my dad has surprised my sister and me with an all-expense paid trip -- usually 4-5 days. The trip is one of his business trips. Last year it was Houston, the year before it was Chicago, but this year it was Waikiki! I've NEVER been to Hawaii before so I was really excited. We didn't have a lot of anticipation time this year, as the location is revealed on Christmas morning. So we had two weeks to get stoked for Hawaii.

Of course we had a fabulous time. Didn't get to do everything we wanted, but as Dad says...gotta leave something for next time.