Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

A photographer currently showing at my gallery sent me this photograph that he took, simply because he thought I'd like it. I love that, and I love this.

Besides the fact that it's a great photograph (color, composition, etc), I like the context. The construction downtown is a constant complaint of city dwellers and those who visit downtown. Besides the few detours and the limited parking, it hasn't really bothered me, I'm excited for the end result.

What I love about this photo is the way the city is attempting to make downtown a pleasurable experience for the pedestrian in the meantime. I know there's usually money motivating the city and the Downtown Alliance to "dress up downtown" (I should know, I go to the meetings every month), but it still makes me smile.

Here are some other things I've seen recently that make me smile:
  • People humming along to choirs singing Christmas carols
  • A guy running up to a door so he can open it for the lady a few yards ahead of them
  • People smiling as they read a text message
  • Little kids holding hands as they cross the street
  • When a guy moves to the street facing side of the sidewalk as he’s walking with a girl – to protect her from traffic
  • People shoveling off the snow covering the car next to theirs while they’re at it
  • Thank you cards in the mail
  • People with a full grocery cart allowing the person behind them to cut ahead and purchase their one item.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Yes, LAURA, there is a Parking Santa Claus

From: Laura Durham
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 2:36 PM
To: UCS Appeals
Subject: Dear Parking Santa:

I wish to appeal my parking ticket.

You should understand my only grounds for appeal is the fact that I didn't pay attention and I put my 2 quarters in the meter NEXT to my car. The meter that already had 20 minutes on it for the white SUV. I don't know what I was thinking, except the fact that I needed to run into Gardner Hall as fast as I could and deliver something for a concert tonight. You see, I'm a volunteer, and I took an hour off from work to make this delivery.

When I jumped out of my car with my 2 quarters I brought for this exact parking occasion, I felt very prepared and at perfect ease for having enough time to make my delivery. So when I climbed back into my car I was shocked to see the ticket on my windshield -- until I realized what happened.

I'm not expecting much, but I thought I would try. It would make my holiday season to not have to pay for being a volunteer. But if you can't do anything for me, I'll consider this $15 a Christmas present to the owner of the car next to me who might have gotten my ticket had I not fed its meter.

Merry Christmas,


>>> UCS Appeals 12/07/10 8:03 AM >>>

Good Morning Laura,

Would you send me your ticket information and license plate number so I can check into this further?



From: Laura Durham []
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 8:21 AM
To: UCS Appeals
Subject: RE: Dear Parking Santa:

Sure Suzy,

My ticket number is 1310003472.

Kind Officer #32
Lot L35 Row 1 Presidents Circle (I got an excellent spot)

Time Issued 13:38
Meter #79

My license number is xxx xxx


University of Utah
Commuter Services

APPROVED No further action is required on your behalf.

Your appeal to waive the meter violation is granted. Because this is your first citation I have changed it to a warning.

Have a great day,


I WILL have a great day :)

Wow, I never even thought of trying to appeal a parking ticket before. Looks like it pays to be on the "nice" list. Who says meter maids are the worst of all, having hearts that are two sizes too small? That was me. I take it back. My heart grew three sizes today. I have the positivity of *ten* Lauras, plus two!