Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

A photographer currently showing at my gallery sent me this photograph that he took, simply because he thought I'd like it. I love that, and I love this.

Besides the fact that it's a great photograph (color, composition, etc), I like the context. The construction downtown is a constant complaint of city dwellers and those who visit downtown. Besides the few detours and the limited parking, it hasn't really bothered me, I'm excited for the end result.

What I love about this photo is the way the city is attempting to make downtown a pleasurable experience for the pedestrian in the meantime. I know there's usually money motivating the city and the Downtown Alliance to "dress up downtown" (I should know, I go to the meetings every month), but it still makes me smile.

Here are some other things I've seen recently that make me smile:
  • People humming along to choirs singing Christmas carols
  • A guy running up to a door so he can open it for the lady a few yards ahead of them
  • People smiling as they read a text message
  • Little kids holding hands as they cross the street
  • When a guy moves to the street facing side of the sidewalk as he’s walking with a girl – to protect her from traffic
  • People shoveling off the snow covering the car next to theirs while they’re at it
  • Thank you cards in the mail
  • People with a full grocery cart allowing the person behind them to cut ahead and purchase their one item.


SRA said...

My friend Steve does the "move to the side of the sidewalk/crosswalk nearest the traffic" thing. I had never had that experience before walking in downtown Washington DC with him last year...I found it very attractive. :)

Good list, btw.

dre said...

This list is much better than Jon's Festivus one. I agree more with your smiles, than his grievances.

PS happy birthday, It's been a pleasure knowing you for so long!