Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Dear Scooter Badooder,

I'm sorry I didn't really get to say goodbye, but I kind of knew I wouldn't see you again, which is why, on Christmas Eve, I let you sleep in the middle of my bed while I balanced on the edge all night trying not to fall off.

You've been a good kitty these past 13 years. I only lived with you for about 5 of those, and I know we gave you to Mom for Mother's Day, but I'll still think of you as my kitty too. I know I didn't appreciate it at the time, but it was sweet of you to kill all those mice for us and good job dissecting those birds. And then there was that one spring where you managed to bring a praying mantis home every night around 10:30 -- that was fun.

I can tell you've been lonely these past few years without Buddha. Even though he would sort all the "inedible" kibble from his bits and eventually eat all your food, you two got along really well, and now you can say hi to him for me. Buddha will probably introduce you to our two previous cats: Oliver and Kitty. Kitty's real name is Charcoal Tubby Durham but believe me, he'll only answer to "Kitty". Be nice to each other up there. You were all equally important to us. Kitty will probably brag about how he owned the neighborhood, and even all of us -- as we were scared of him a lot of the time, but you can one up him and say how you got us to maintain 4 different kinds of food in 4 different food bowls for you. You can also make fun of him for climbing up on the roof and not knowing how to get down. Oliver wasn't with us for very long, so he may not have a whole lot to say. Don't gang up on Oliver, he's a sweetheart.

Tell the story about when you went missing for two weeks. That's a good one. We assumed you were a rug out on 1300 East, but one night, you just showed up, wondering where your food was, like you just hopped out of a DeLorean* and no time had passed at all. I wish I knew where you were and what you did. Maybe you can tell me someday.

You're a sweet kitty. You were demanding, wanting only running water to drink; needing to sleep on my chest with your face right in front of mine, but I love you anyway.

You always wanted me to be awake when you were awake, even if it was 2 AM.
But I love you anyway.

You chewed up hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, rugs and blankets.
But I love you anyway.

When Oliver died, Dad read to us from Moses 3:5..."For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth..."

I'm not sure if Mom and Dad, or even I will live with another kitty, but we will always remember you and we will miss you.

*kinda borrowed this line from Cameron


Cameron's Corner said...

Thanks for the kudos, but it was completely unnecessary.

I think your cat is hangin' with the cat I had growing up. His name was Chester until we neutered him. Then we changed it to Lester since there was "less" of him around.

It was funnier when I was 12.

SRA said...

Awww. God bless Scooter.

Ilene said...

Bye Scooter. I will never forget the time when you slept on my stomach for an entire night and I was too scared to shoo you off because well, you gave quite an intimidating stare warning me not to even think about it.

Good luck finding an angel who will take as good as care of you as Laura's family did. Seriously, constantly running water and four types of cat food was a heaven on earth.

Saule Cogneur said...

It's always sad and painful to see pets go. 12 years is quite a long time if you think about it. I think I can count on four fingers how many friends i've had for more than a decade.

Kelly D. said...

Rest in peace, Scooter. That was a beautiful tribute, Laura. But I think you glossed over the chewing up clothes fetish a little too quickly. Because one of the first things he did to "welcome" me into the family was chew up a big pile of my clothes, that will always be one of Scooter's most distinguishing features to me. And I remember on one of my first dates with Carter asking him why his shirt was all chewed and getting some good stories about Scooter. Good times, good times.

Oh, man, my word verification is catio. Weird!