Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Dirty" Little Rascal

If you've read my blog for over a year you probably remember me posting about my garden. Last year I was fortunate enough to share a plot at a community garden here in downtown SLC. Getting a plot is a long process and very political. My friend didn't really have money to devote to a garden last year so she let me use her plot. I spent a lot of money building a square foot garden and installed it in the plot. This year she decided she wanted her plot again so I thought I better go retrieve my garden bed. The other day I drove over there to pick it up and this is what I find:


Someone stole my garden! And judging from the plaster hand print and the Dora the Explorer watering can, the culprit is a freaking kid! They took out my tiles I had as stepping stones and replaced them. They uprooted my herbs, leaving the lavender and a couple green onions.

All I could think to do was take a picture. So I did. I emailed my friend who loaned me the plot and asked her what happened. She said she switched plots, but no one had our old plot yet. I, of course, begged to differ. After several email exchanges and consults with the person in charge of the garden, I got an email from the new plot renter who told me I was welcome to disassemble my garden bed but I should not "disrupt the soil". 

Excuse me, but I spent $60 on that soil. It is a magical blend of fertilizer, peat moss and vermiculite that will nurture and cultivate anything you plant. So I will disrupt it if I damn well please.

I tried to uproot my lavender but it had cut its way through the weed guard fabric and taken root well beneath the raised bed so it was there to stay. I decided the garden should stay there, the house I currently live in does not have a yard conducive to a garden anyway. So all I could do was claim the two green onions that had grown back from last year and walk away.

I did spot a ginormous worm and took a picture. I've never seen a worm this long before:

Something came over me and I picked it up -- even though every time I pick up a worm I squeal/scream until I set it down again. They shrink when you pick them up.

So much for the garden this year. I was honestly considering not doing it again because the plot is under a tree and doesn't get a lot of sunshine anyway. But it was worth it for the tomatoes and the lettuce. And the spinach and basil. And parsley.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maybe I just like orange

I know I make no sense sometimes.

Some people think I’m a health food snob, and I can understand why. I do eat healthy. I talk a lot about the green smoothies I make for breakfast. I like to eat fish whenever possible, I only drink organic milk and I buy expensive cheese. I prefer to buy local products and I only buy eggs when I know the hens are hormone-free, eat organic feed, run around on a happy farm and are hugged every day.

I never buy soda, I rarely order fries, and I don’t eat Pop Tarts because I believe any kind of frosting that doesn’t melt at 425 degrees Fahrenheit was manufactured by Satan himself.

So a couple hours ago when I walked into my coworker’s office and spotted a little bag of Cheetos and exclaimed “Cheetos! Can I have these?” I don’t know how to explain myself. Cheese is not bright orange nor is it powdery, but something in my brain or my tastebuds doesn’t care because not only do I love Cheetos, I love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with all it’s bright orange powderiness.

My eating and food purchasing habits are flexible I suppose. And that’s not a bad thing. Although I only buy organic chicken myself, I’ll eat whatever chicken you feed me. Although I always opt for salad instead of fries, I actually really like French fries. I never buy soda, but if you’re sitting next to me with a glass of soda (especially if it's Dr. Pepper) I’ll take a sip. Sometimes without asking.

Man these Cheetos are good.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Lower Bells

The weather was gorgeous today. And I think it's the only gorgeous day we get for a little while. I probably appreciated it all the more because all the days leading up to it were cold. I don't mind cloudy, I'm just sick of cold.

I attended the funeral of a friend today who died after being caught in an avalanche in Spring City. He was a photographer and intense outdoorsman and would have thought it really lame that so many people spent a day like today inside at his funeral, so I decided I could honor him by going on a little hike in the afternoon. I hiked Lower Bells which is just off Wasatch Boulevard by my parents' house in Sandy.  It's a super short and easy hike, but it made me realize how out of shape I am right now.

I took some photos with my little camera.

I only met Garrett last October, but it didn't take long to see that he was an amazing guy. He moved into my ward on Capitol Hill with his newlywed wife Molly. In November I was released from my calling as Gospel Doctrine Instructor and put into the Young Women Presidency. When the bishop asked me who I thought would be a good replacement for me in the Sunday School, Garrett was the first name I mentioned. The bishop smiled and said, "He, uh...yeah he's an interesting guy."

Molly and I served in the YW Presidency. She and Garrett really made me feel at home in the ward which is funny because I had been there longer than they had. Garrett invited me over for lunch one Sunday after church which I thought was really nice because I'm usually the one inviting people over. I feel bad I didn't take the chance to return the favor.

For the past month or so he taught our "teacher improvement course" in Sunday School. I guess the bishop finally realized how much he could teach us.

His wife of only 8 months gave an amazing talk today. Garrett was always traveling for work, shooting photographs all around the world. I think he was gone just about every other weekend. The last time I saw him was two weeks ago at a church activity raising money for the young men and women. Molly and I were hurriedly preparing food in the kitchen. She asked me if I would finish everything so she could go eat with her husband. I'm glad I did.