Sunday, July 15, 2012

Goals 18 & 19: Letters and Notes

I'm calling this one good. I didn't exactly MAIL a letter to Grandma because I was going to go see her anyway. So I brought her a letter. And some kale chips.

It was about time I thank her officially (meaning in writing rather than verbally) for the blinds she bought me. Last time she saw me she asked "How is that house of yours that I helped build?" So I think I'm going to need to thank her for the blinds every time I see her from now on.

And since the "send a letter to Grandma" goal is so closely related to the "send thank you notes" goal, I'm calling that one good too. I was invited to my lovely friend Melinda's house several months ago. I made a special effort to send her a thank you note, but even if it wasn't a goal of mine I would have done it that particular time anyway because she and her little family are so dang cute, I'd feel like a delinquent if I didn't. Plus she stalks my blog ;)

I was invited to a BBQ and I sent a thank you note. The host actually called me to thank me for my thank you note saying no one is that classy any more. That made me feel good.

I'm excluding dates from this goal. I've been on several dates this year and my date usually bought my dinner. I don't think all of them need an actual thank you note -- that's weird. Plus some of them were taking me out to thank me for something I did for them. Who wants to get caught in a thank you loop?

So. Two more goals down. I'm a little worried about the following:

composting -- didn't do it
reading all the books -- I suck at reading
make a book of my blog -- I don't feel like it
take friends to San Diego -- fell through
organize cousin trip -- I may downgrade this one to an evening