Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sushi and Chicken Pot Pie To Go

I woke up this morning to my phone ringing. I kind of guessed who it was before I checked the ID.

“Hi Grandma.”
“I have been worried sick about you!”
“I know, I'm sorry I forgot to call you, but when I got home I immediately went out with friends and I got distracted...”

You know when you leave someone's house and they say something like, “Drive safely, and will you call me when you get home?” I've never been good at that. I always forget.

I left Grandma's house around eight o'clock last night. The last time I spent an evening with Grandma was back in January. We talked on the phone last week and she said she wanted to buy me a top and take me to dinner. She said, “I don't do Christmas or birthday gifts for my grandchildren so I like to treat you when I can. Do you know how many grandchildren I have? Do you know how many great grandchildren I have?” And then she goes off on stories about her great grandchildren. “Do you know Matt and Mary Margaret?” She actually asked me that twice during our 20 minute conversation. “Oh right, Matt's your uncle isn't he?” Actually, he's my cousin, but some things you let go.

When I got to Grandma's she asked if I wanted to drive my car or if I wanted to drive her car.

“Let's drive your car. It's a lot nicer than mine,” I said as I opened the door for her.
“Because this is a Lexus and mine is a Chevy Prizm.”

As I pulled out of the driveway she started to give me a tour of the neighborhood. She noticed the man raking leaves across the street.

“Oh, be careful. Stay away from that man. He does not like me at all.”
“Why doesn't he like you?”
“Because I brag about my children. He tells me everyone thinks their children are the best. He is NOT a nice man. And this is where my dentist lives. He is a nice man. What do you think of his house?”
“It's nice.”
“It's a monster.”

We got to the boutique she wanted to take me to. It's called Frolics. The lady there knows her well. Grandma said she wanted to give me $100 and see what I could do with it. Half the stuff in there was over $100 but I managed to find a very cute shirt.

“Well that's only $65...” she said.
“I know. Good deal huh?”
“Don't you want something else? I have $100.”

I didn't know I was on the Price is Right. I looked around for something else while Grandma chatted with the owner. I ended up with a necklace. Grandma handed over her VISA debit card but it was declined. The owner politely asked for another card.

“No. I don't believe in owning more than one card.” Grandma preached.
“Well,” the nice lady patiently continued, “Let me try it again.” Again, it was declined.
“I'm sorry, it's not going through” she repeated. I'm glad no one else was in the store when Grandma said,

“That's impossible. I have thirty thousand dollars in my checking account.”

I hid my face in embarrassment while Grandma explained how she manages her finances, which is totally ridiculous if you ask me and just about anyone else in our family. Grandma ended up handing over two fifties and then looked over to me and said, “Looks like you're gonna have to get dinner.”

Grandma wanted to try this place called Organics in Sugarhouse that doesn't really exist. She said it was on 2100 South and 800 East. When we approached 8th East she looked over at the Original Pancake House and said, “Is that it?”

What we did find was a place called Au Naturale which I think is what she was thinking of. We decided to go through the drive thru and take it home. Strange place. Any place where chicken pot pie and sushi are on the same menu has got to be weird, right? Anyway, that's what we took home with us. Grandma had her heart set on pot pie and the tuna roll looked good to me.

When we got back we set the table and she asked me if I wanted a fork. “No, I'll just use these chopsticks they gave me.”

“Show me how you use them.” I picked them up and grabbed a piece of sushi and put it in my mouth. “Well, aren't you talented” she said.

Dinner conversation consisted of her asking how everyone in my family is doing and if I'm still in the singles ward and if there are any interesting people there. Then she started talking more about my dad.

“Your father said he and your mother eat out too much.”
“Yes. But your mother loves to cook doesn't she?”
“I guess so.”
“Does she pack him a lunch to take to work?” I don't think my mom has EVER packed my dad a lunch for work. The very idea made me laugh out loud. If she's reading this and I'm wrong, she can correct me.

“Then where does your father eat lunch?”
“I don't know Grandma.”
“Well aren't you curious?”

And that's when I realized a fundamental difference between her and me. She is curious about EVERYTHING which is why she asks me about EVERYTHING that is going on in my life and the lives of everyone around me. I don't think about where my dad goes to eat lunch. Maybe if he told me about going somewhere for lunch and then snuck off somewhere else, THEN I'd be curious about it. But I really never cared. Sorry Dad.

After dinner I set her clocks back for her. I showed her that the microwave has a digital clock and isn't supposed to say 0:00 all the time. We watched an episode of Seinfeld, some MSNBC and then I was on my way.

I don't visit her often enough. I better write a thank you.


SRA said...

Adorable. I love it love it love it :D And you know, part of the reasons he's made it this long probably has to do with her uber-inquisitive mind.

My family, on the other hand, loves to laugh about my grandma's (94 years old) occasional question when she sees a crowd of people on TV: "where do all those people go to the toilet?" That's her kind of inquisitiveness.

Steph said...

Such a funny story. I love the part about her checking account.

Betsy said...

Every time, and I repeat every time I read one of your blog entries I laugh, and giggle! You are one of my favorite people and we have never even met. You are darling! I'm honored to have you as a friend on facebook.

Tara said...

Don't you just love grandma's? They are so full of spunk.

Maryanne said...

Frolics is my mom's favorite store too. What does that say about her? Anyway, I wish my Grandma would spend that kind of money on me. She usually just finds something in her basement that my uncle left behind when he use to live with her, and calls it a gift. Oh wait, that sounds like a typical Grandma Durham gift! Sometimes I wish our Grandma was still here and would take me out to eat and buy a present for $20.00 on my birthday. But, I also think would we make fun of her now in her old,old age? Would she be sane or the same sweet Grandma we like to remember now? Anyway, do you want to have a cousins lunch or dinner in Dec.? Let me know!

Kelly D said...

Thank you for the recounting of your Grandma Durham visit. You capture the feeling of them so well! And I really like your new top!

Rhett said...

So where DOES Dr Durham eat lunch? The Wilk? The cafe in the HFAC? Does he (gasp) leave campus?

I'm actually curious about this too. I have no idea why.

boneck family said...

i loved that blog. i felt like a fly on the wall of Frolics, and then on the window in the car, and then at her home.

Johnny Metropolis said...

I take you comparing me to your grandmother today as a compliment!

Laura Lee said...

Betsy: You too, are darling.

Maryanne: So I had no idea who you were until I clicked through. Do you want me to change your name on my link list? And YES! A cousin's lunch sounds wonderful. The cousins are planning Christmas this year so if you want in on that let me know.

Rhett: When I was at BYU Dr. Durham would sometimes take me to lunch at the MOA and Pendulum Court. On Wednesdays when he golfs in SLC he takes me to Big City Soup. Where he goes without me is beyond me.

John: I didn't mean the comparison as an insult. It's just that you two kind of walk the same right now with you having an injury. That's all. And maybe you have some similarities with the memory thing. And you have a nicer car than I do.

Rania said...

I love your grandma. Thanks for sharing her with me.

Ilene said...

I can second your admission of never calling people after you get home... or even returning the occasional text message the next day.

Like the one I sent you yesterday asking if you were dead.

Grandma Durham and I are glad that you are in fact alive.

And you looked "Very C" in your new shirt. Oh, and Dan was sorry he didn't get to say goodbye. And Jackson was asking for you too. I think my boys like you better than me. Can't say I blame them.

Hey, this comment is like one of my pointless voice mails! What a happy thought.