Friday, February 27, 2009


You ended each conversation with the assurance that you wanted to take care of me.

You always used kind tones when speaking with me, and greeted me with a sincere smile.

You were clear about what I could expect from you and what you couldn't offer me, but whenever I made a request your answer was that you were "happy" to do that for me.

When there was an issue you took the initiative, and when I did, you were always responsive.

When I told you I wasn't in a position to have this conversation right now, you told me that was perfectly fine and to call back when I was ready.

When I had a difficult time making a decision you were patient and gave me my space, and then when I was ready you were supportive of my choice.

You made a point to talk to me personally about the important things rather than simply exchange emails.

You explained that you would come to me for the things I needed rather than me having to come to you.

You reassured me that if anything like this were to happen again, you would still be there to cover me 100%.

Dear Bear River Insurance: Will you marry me?


SRA said...

Well, after all, Bear River Mutual is "where values count", right?

Johnny Metropolis said...

Phew, I seriously thought you were talking to me for a second... even though, it doesn't sound like me at all.

Ilene said...

Suddenly the good hands that I am aren't looking as good...

Can I be a bridesmaid? Oh wait, a matron of honor?

Kelly D. said...

Carter loves them, too. I'm glad they are taking such good care of you in your time of need :)

boneck family said...

i happen to use bear river myself, and i looove it! -clint

Dallas Graham said...

Sounds stable.
And oh-so


Pistolmom said...
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Anonymous said...

Better chance of that happening than marrying an actual guy I suppose.