Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Super May Give Away!

I have now lived in my house longer than any of its current residents. I've remained after Kaila's move and after Maria's. Now that they have left with (most of) their belongings, I am becoming more aware of what belongs to me. My most recent roommate, Annie, came with many things that have turned out to be a duplication of my things. Some of her stuff is nicer than the stuff that is either mine, or stuff that was abandoned by previous roommates.

With that said, I am offering up the following items for the taking. I could save them for a yard sale, but I'm not feeling like going to all the work of organizing one. If any neighborhood friends want to combine forces and have a big sale, let me know. I did that a couple summers ago and I think I made like seven dollars. I got that same feeling I used to get when I sold my college textbooks back to the bookstore. I spent like $220 on books and I sold them back in exchange for $7. Somehow that seven bucks felt like a victory. I would think, "Yeah! Now I can go out to dinner!" I was super poor in college.

Our first item is a candle warmer. Kaila's maybe? Kaila if you want this back come and get it -- otherwise I'm opening it up to the masses. I believe the scent is "plum spice"...mmm...all the fragrance of a candle without the fire hazard.

The second item is an orange strainer. I have invited poseable man to model this for us. I'm thinking my mom gave this to me a couple years ago. But since then she's given me one of those pop out strainers that takes up less space and I find myself ignoring this one.

Next we have a smallish metal mixing bowl. Nuff said.

We also have this set of three plastic bowls left behind by Maria, I believe. They're good mixing bowls. But Annie has like 17 in all colors and sizes. I'm willing to separate the set if you only want one or two but I would advise against it.

Maria also left these porcelain plates. I really don't know if they're porcelain but they're heavy and they're breakable. If you live by yourself, you've got a full set right here.

For some reason when my sister was moving I told her I would take this George Foreman grill. I've used it a couple times and it was all right. I'm into the stovetop lately so I'm not interested in this anymore. But it's a good little appliance. This can be yours not for $59.95 not for $49.95. I'm not even going to make you pay $39.95 or $29.95. In fact, if you come take this from me today, I will throw in these two water bottles.

Granted, they have the recently infamous recycle number of 7 on the bottom which means they have some harmful chemical in the plastic or something. If you haven't been paying attention to the news lately, you can ignore that last warning. They're great water bottles -- just don't drink out of them.

Allow me to introduce our next model. This is Indiana Jones's latest romance apparently. I haven't seen the movie or read much about it so I'm not sure what her name is. But if she were a Lego (and she is) this is what she would look like. This is an aerial shot of a plastic potato peeler. Carri bought an awesome comfort grip one and I found this one to be utterly unacceptable since. So it's getting the boot.

This is a tiny whisk. I think I used this once to beat an egg. It worked pretty well but I felt ridiculous doing it.

Oh no! Indiana Jones's damsel is trapped inside this glass! Come save her! And take the glass while you're at it.

To the right, is a silverware tray. It's oversized for all the trendy oversized silverware out there. According to product designers, we Americans like our utensils to hold as much food as possible.

Oh, and we have all this flatware for you to take. Annie has a lot of nice utensils so Carri, rather hastily, threw these in the giveaway box. Free flatware? Not a bad deal. They'll go nicely with the white tray. I guess I could have placed them in the tray so you could have a visual of how nicely they fit in there, but I have that kind of time.

Finally we have this strawberry huller. It used to have a wooden strawberry at the top to help you figure out what it is, but it broke off. It's supposed to take the stems out of strawberries. It really doesn't work very well.

Happy shopping!


Johnny Metropolis said...

I'll take the wooden guy, and the Lego. Also, I'll take the George fireman if you'll come over and give me a tutorial.

Maria said...

Not my blue plates or bowls actually. I had bowls like that, but they are in boxes at my parents right now. Weird....

I always wondered where that glass cup with the little handle came from. I never saw it used.

Good luck with the give away!

Ilene said...

Very exciting. I appreciate the use of figurines to lend scale to your items.

Steph said...

I'll take the set of the 3 plastic bowls....if the price is right. Mainly I was sold on these bowls because of the joyful leap the model man is doing in the background.

Rhett said...

I just want to be there for the next photo shoot!

Cameron's Corner said...

I have a GF grill. We've used it twice to cook steaks and both times it made our whole house smell like we were cooking fish.


Anonymous said...

"YES, I would like figure man!" was my first thought. And then I realize that he was just modeling. A very good model at that :)

Cameron's Corner said...

I found those little wooden guys at IKEA online. They're called Gestapo or something.

I'm totally gonna get me one.

Laura Lee said...

Yes, you can get the wooden men at IKEA for $10.

Steph, the bowls are yours!

Maria, the glass came with some yummy hot chocolate mix as a gift from my sister-in-law. No offense, Kelly. I just don't know what to do with the glass now.

John, I'll show you how to use the grill if you show me how to crochet.

Kaila said...

Sorry Laura but the candle and candle warmer were not mine. I believe they belonged to Monica and she left them when she moved out. Actually none of that stuff was mine. I’m surprised the bowls and plates aren’t Marias. I wonder where they came from.

Kelly said...

No offense taken (Carter actually picked that mix for you). I think Gestapo pose man should try out for America's Next Top Model. He was really selling this stuff! Talk about "working it" !

cyn the win said...

this post cracks me up laura!

i love the models--don't get rid of them!

SRA said...

I'll take the small metal bowl & the flatware. Can you bring them to FHE tonight? Thanks for offering!