Friday, May 30, 2008

Rules I Live By

I think everyone has little rules they tend to live by. I follow some of them more religiously than others. Some of them would probably be better classified as superstitions – and I have some of those too. Here are some of my rules:

1. I wear sunscreen on my face every day.

2. I visit the dentist every six months.

3. When asked to do a musical number in Sacrament Meeting, I always say yes (unless I’m unavailable).

4. I sing in the ward choir. I never sang in the choir until I was called to be ward choir director a couple years ago. I enjoyed it, but I think it is the hardest calling in the ward.

5. I will not watch American Idol until they’ve narrowed it down to at least 12 contestants.

6. I never order soda when I go out to eat. Although I have been known to sometimes break this rule if someone else is paying for my meal.

7. When I go out to eat and I’m eating at a place that feeds me too much food, I try to order something that keeps well and then only eat half of it so I can eat the other half the next day.

8. If someone doesn’t answer a text or email invite (even with a “no, I’m sorry I can’t come) twice in a row, I usually take them off the next text guest list. No offense, I just figure they’re not interested. Unfair? Maybe. That’s just how I roll.

9. Given the above rule, as a courtesy, I try to make it a rule for myself to answer all texts and emails even if I’m unable to accept the invitation.

10. I don’t paint my fingernails anything other than a nude shade – unless I’m planning on removing it the next day. Because it will start to chip. And once it starts to chip I start to look and feel like trash.

11. If the outside temperature is below 40 degrees, I will not walk to work. If it’s above 95 I probably won’t walk to work either. Well, maybe I’ll walk TO work, but I’ll find a ride home.

12. Ever since I started working for the Utah Arts Council I’ve purchased one piece of original artwork a year. Sometimes I’ll buy more.

13. Before I get up on Sunday mornings I stay in my bed and listen to “Music for a Sunday Morning” on Classical 89 for at least 10 minutes.

14. I update my blog at least once a week.

15. I say “yes” to blind dates.

16. I don’t let my work phone ring more than three times before answering it.

17. If I'm on vacation with dad and he asks if I'm bringing my purse, I always say "no."

18. I always return Grandma Durham’s phone messages. Even if I don’t want to. And even if it's not for a couple days.

19. It’s ok to lie to Grandma Durham if it will save me 5 more minutes of unnecessary conversation. Example:

Grandma: Are you still going to the singles ward?
Me: Yes.
Grandma: Leslie goes to the singles ward too.
Me: Yeah, I think she does go to a singles ward.
Grandma: Do you see her there?
Me: No.

I won’t go into the details of the rest of the conversation, but let’s just say I should have said "yes” and let Grandma believe the Salt Lake Valley has just one big singles ward.

There are other rules I’ve tried to make for myself that just haven’t worked:

1. Don’t check email on vacations.
2. If I can’t walk to work, find other time to exercise that day.
3. AM prayers.
4. Don’t sit at the computer longer than one hour.
5. Don’t blog at work.

And that’s probably a good one to end on.


Charlotta-love said...

Don't blog at work. oops. I'm guilty of that one.

Kelly Durham said...

Ooh, these are good! I wish I did all of them. Or any of them, for that matter . . .

Steph said...

You missed one vital rule: Always wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.

Kristi said...

I won't date a guy that drives a yellow convertible mustang. Or wears a hemp necklace. Its usually the same guy.

Johnny Metropolis said...

Now I know why we're not very good friends... because I don't respond to a text if I can't come! Maybe you should preface the first invite you give a new friend with this rule so they can avoid being left out.

Laura Lee said...

John, John, John...we talked about this a couple weeks ago. I explained how I give unresponsive text recipients a hiatus from my invites because I could very well be that annoying girl that always texts them and I just don't know it. Then you explained to me that you always want to be invited to everything.

We have an understanding now. So I guess why we're not very good friends remains a mystery...

Lisa Marie Trent said...

FIRSTLY, text invites shouldn't even exist. That's like whoever trying to set up your appt. with the Bish via text. Second, good one on the purse thing with Dad, he needs a man bag. Third, you are Grandma's "go to" because of your rule.

Ilene said...

I try to blog when the kids are asleep. I never follow that rule. I need an escape from the crazy children that live in my house.

I don't do sodas at restaurants either. Dan does so I just drink his. I always order lemon water, though.

Alex said...

I painted my fingernails last week and the next day, when the paint was already peeling off, I totally felt like trash! I know what you mean. I felt like I had to wash my hands every few minutes because I felt like they were dirty. It drove me nuts!