Monday, December 01, 2008

Rooty-toot-toots and Rummy-tum-tums

If you haven’t spoken with me or you haven’t noticed the ad on the sidebar of my blog, I have a Christmas concert coming up next week with the Utah Chamber Artists. The concert is on Monday and Tuesday.

Tickets are $10 for students and $15 for non-degree seeking adults. However, because the executive director is a close, personal mother of mine and I do free design work for them, I was given a limited number of $5 tickets for friends/family who would like to come.

This year’s Christmas concert is at the First Presbyterian Church on South Temple. It’s going to be awesome. I only have ten $5 tickets though. I’m actually not sure if more than ten people (in town) read my blog and are interested in a ticket, but this is what I came up with as far as divvying them out:

Below is a Christmas carol quiz*. Here are the rules:

1. Pick one question that hasn’t already been answered by a previous commenter and if you get it right, and you want to come to the concert, you can have a $5 ticket.
2. Tell me which night you prefer, Monday or Tuesday (both concerts are at 7:30 PM.

Here are the limitations:

1. Only one ticket per commenter. If you want to bring a date, you can purchase more tickets at or from me.
2. You have to pay me by Sunday, December 7th
3. If something comes up and you can't make it, please try to find someone to use it, or try to give me 48 hours notice and I'll find someone who will use it. There’s a reason we do the Christmas concert two nights instead of one.

If there are more than ten comments on here and you still want to come to the concert, I hope you will anyway, even if you have to pay full price. You won’t be sorry. I know several of my blog readers came to the last concert in October and loved it.

1. "The Christmas Song" refers to "folks dressed up like---


2. What were the last words of Frosty the Snowman?

"Hold my beer and watch this."
"Catch me if you can!"
"Ahh, I can't wait to get in that hot shower."
"I'll be back again someday."

3. In "Joy to the World," Jesus is said to rule the world with ---

Truth and grace
Love and hope
Mercy and care
Clout and cash

4. In "The Little Drummer Boy," how does Baby Jesus react to the stylings of the impoverished percussionist?

He smiles
He nods and keeps time with the ox and lamb
He sleeps in heavenly peace
He weeps inconsolably because, like almost everybody else, he too hates "The Little Drummer Boy."

5. When the angels proclaim the birth of Jesus to the shepherds in "Angels We Have Heard on High," they sing, "Gloria, in excelsis Deo." This is Latin for:

Fa la la
Such a glorious day!
Gloria is with Mary in the stable
Glory to God in the highest

6. "Hannuka, Oh Hannuka" tells us to come light---

The Yule log
The menorah
The dreidl
The latkes

7. In "Carol of the Bells," what is it that the "sweet silver bells" seem to be saying?

Merry Christmas
Christ is born of Mary
Throw cares away
Let's eat!

8. "Up on the Housetop" contains a reference to Santa bringing several toys that would not pass muster with child-safety watchdog groups. Which of the following gifts is NOT mentioned in the song?

A whip
A hammer
An asbestos teddy bear

9. In "Jingle Bells," the singer says that one day he went out on the snow and fell on his back. A gentleman then came by in a one-horse open sleigh. What does he do?

He sings a song
He lifts the fallen man and carries him inside
He alights from his sleigh and falls down himself
He laughs and rides away

10. In "Winter Wonderland," the singers build a snowman, and pretend that he is Parson Brown. What is their answer when this fictional clergyman asks if they are married?

Oh, yes
No, man!
Get lost!
As if!

*Quiz taken from the Chicago Tribune.

Oh, and if anyone can enlighten me as to what a "rummy-tum-tum" is I will personally buy your ticket.


Nasher said...

Question 1: Eskimos.

Please may I have a reduced cost ticket for the 9th?

Steph said...

Question 10: Answer is "No man!"

Can I have a ticket for the 9th? Maybe if I'm lucky, I can go with Pete :)

dre said...

Number 2!!
"I'll be back again someday." And can I get bonus points for pointing out Angela and Andy's first dance at their wedding will be to her favorite song, the Drummer boy....? yeah? yeah? the office?

Side story, in question 10 I never understood it was Parson Brown, I thought they said something else that described the brown, carson/barson I don't know what I was thinking.

And even if I don't get a ticket I'll still go with my fake student id. The last show blew my mind! Really it did. The whole time they sang I closed my eyes and let the music paint pictures in my head. It was amazing! I've never had that experience with music before.

Cameron's Corner said...

I was going to answer question #2, but I needed some clarification.

First of all, are you talking about the movie or the song... cause the animated original Frosty ends with Frosty's last words as "I'll be back on Christmas Day." Not sure why cause Santa discusses with the children (for the last 15 minutes or so) that all Frosty needs is Christmas Snow in order to come back and how does Frosty know that the next time it will snow will HAPPEN to be on Christmas?

Secondly, when I was growing up the Frosty song didn't end until you sang, "Thumpity thump thump. Thumpity thump thump. Look at Frosty go. Thumpity thump thump. Thumpity thump thump. Over the hills of snow." So I think the last words should be "over the hills of snow".

Can infants come to the performances?

SRA said...

Numero seis: The menorah. L'Chaim!

I'd like to come Tuesday the 9th.

And 'rummy-tum-tum' is the sound made by the ten drummers drumming in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Does that make my ticket free? :D

Kelly D. said...

Seeing as I have already scored a ticket, I will refrain from answering. I can't wait, though! The Christmas concerts are always my favorite.

Annie said...

No. 5 Glory to God in the Highest. I'm IN! I'm so excited to come!

Morty said...

No. 9 Jingle Bells

He laughs and rides away.

I don't need a discounted ticket, I just wanted to answer the question. Thanks for giving me something to do during a boring part of my accounting class! I might make it Monday (pending studying for a final).

Jessica Marie said...

I'm coming out of my lurking status to answer question #4: He smiles.

I'd love to go on Monday. Can I pay you via paypal or credit card (plus $.42) so you can mail it to me? My email address is sunloverjess at gmail dot com.

I love your blog, btw. You're a great writer.

Liz said...

I wish I was going to be there for the concert. dang it! Sing pretty!

Ilene said...

I wanna come. Of course I can't. Is this the same church that the choir performed in years ago when I went to the concert with you? If so, everyone should go because the music coupled with setting of the old presybetarian (sp?) church makes for a great Christmas experience. So much better than a cultural hall :)

Laura Lee said...

Good job guys.

Nasher, Steph, Dre, SRA, I have tickets set aside for Tuesday.

Annie I have a ticket for you for Monday.

Jessica, I hope you got the email.

Cameron, the concerts are recorded by KBYU for broadcast so they don't allow anyone under age 8 to avoid crying and stuff like that. An adult may cry because the music is so beautiful, but adults tend to cry more quietly in public.

4 tickets left!

Sue Sharp said...

laura.... i know all of the answers thanks to many Christensen family Christmas Quizes and a little singing on the side. However, I'm going to your source for tickets, so I am not competing in this particular contest. I will, of course, win the prize on Christmas Eve if this quiz appears!!! See you at the concert.

Joel said...

I'm late on the draw here but I am going with number 8. and actually I am just going to guess that it is an asbestos teddy bear... just don't think that was in the song...

If you still have a ticket I would love to get a hold of one. Can I buy a second ticket off you as well or do I need to get it through the site.. I am looking for Tuesday. that is really the only day I can go.

Laura Lee said...

I'm answering #3, the answer is truth and grace.

This is Mark by the way

Kristi said...

Number 7 Number 7! Pick me! Throw cares away!! Do you still have tickets? Tuesday for me if you do...