Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Last night I performed at a fundraising concert. Baldassin Pianos, which is just across the street from my office, hosted the concert. A few months ago a lady from the Historical Society asked if I would be willing to perform. I thought it might be fun to do a duet with my Grandpa Christensen. I asked Mom if she thought he'd be willing and she replied, "Oh, Grandpa would LOVE to do a duet with you."

Grandpa loves the piano. He's been teaching lessons pretty much his whole life, and he also taught choir at Highland High School for about 20 years. I can't go anywhere without Grandpa knowing somebody. Last night was no exception. One of the employees at State History was a student of his. He's also very devoted to his grandchildren. I am really lucky to have a 78 year-old Grandpa as lively as mine. He still teaches piano, he still plays tennis every week and he travels all over the place. He's the best. I can't tell you how many people from last night told me how lucky I am. I know it.

I kind of felt bad (or uncomfortable) because Grandpa had to suffer through the band before us. They were made up of a group of lawyers and anesthesiologists. They call themselves Malpractice. It would have been fine if they played three songs, but they played about six I think -- a bunch of covers. I have to say the little kid on the piano was pretty adorable. Anyone ever heard this song unplugged before?

I think it was during this song that my boss Lila had just about had it so she got up to peruse the pianos in the store.

So Grandpa and I played Carol of the Bells Fantasy. It was a hard piece for me to learn. Listen for the part where I miss a whole measure and then Grandpa skips a measure somewhere so I have to skip one to catch up. Most people would say, "Oh Laura, nobody noticed." Well. I noticed. And if you practice really hard on something and you mess up, it's a little disappointing. But I think we did fine.

I was just thrilled to be playing that $250,000 Fazioli piano. I also played another piece by myself called "A Rose Breaks Into Bloom." That one was really hard to learn because it's so chromatic. But I think I pulled it off pretty well. I'm good at faking my way through chords my little fingers can't extend to. Sorry. No video of that one. You'll have to take my word for it.

Check out this picture of me and my mom. A little spooky, I know. Lisa and I found this picture last week and then Lisa found this dress the other day. I had to try it on. When I showed this to Mom she said she liked my dress better than hers. But I think she looks much better in it than I do.


charlotta-love said...

I played my flute for a conference tht Elder Scott spoke at. I totally messed up but no one realized it. ...but I did. After the conference, Elder Scott personally thanked me for the performance. Something about him shaking your hand and giving a compliment really made me realize that the music - no matter how many wrong notes or beats - is just wonderful.

I enjoyed watching you play. ...and I didn't notice. :o)

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

I like your dress better than mom's dress.

Ilene said...

Can you be more adorable? Love your hair and bangs and cute necklace. I wish I were your roommate now so I could raid your closet. Too bad we knew each other when we were poor and had a BYU wardrobe.

Grandpa Christiansen still plays tennis? I remember going with him up to Snowbird with your twin cousins. You are lucky to have such fabulous grandparents. It makes me a bit sad that I grew up far away from my own grandparents because I don't have the same kind of relationship you do with yours.

You are every bit as adorable as your mom.

Ilene said...

You know, I just watched the Malpractice segment. The funny thing is that somewhere out there in the audience are some wives thinking that their husbands are some hot rockers.

I love that.