Friday, November 16, 2007

Hate Mail

There’s nothing like a good piece of hate mail to spice up your work day. This is one of my favorites so far. I love hate mail from artists because although they may not put a lot of thought into what they’re saying, they do put time and effort into the visuals.

For example, this particular piece has three colors. This artist went to the trouble of using not only a black sharpie, but a red ball point AND a yellow highlighter.

It’s too bad the person who sent this to me is a coward; otherwise I might give them a little more credit. Rule of thumb when complaining to the establishment: if you want to be taken seriously, sign your name. And maybe use your own stationary rather than recycling (and defacing) the postcard I sent you. And the fact that this person spelled “afraid” with two “f”s doesn’t help either. And I have never seen anyone abbreviate “you’re” as “yr” before. I suppose there was somewhat of an editing effort because as you can see on the back of the card (below) this person inserted a word they forgot in the red writing with black ink before submitting it to the post office.

I love how this person actually went to the trouble of scratching out their name and address before pasting mine over it (I blacked out my name, phone and email for internet privacy reasons). However, they didn’t do as thorough a job as they hoped. Fletcher and I were able to make out “Pierpont” in the address. Ah, an ArtSpace artist. You guys are going through a hard time aren’t you? You hate everyone right now, don’t you?

Fletcher is taking this postcard to an art opening tonight where all the ArtSpace artists filled out surveys. He’s going to do some handwriting analysis and perhaps come back with my mystery hater.


We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

I think you should blow it up, put it in a really expensive frame, and mark it "Anonymous" and hang it up at Gallery Stroll.


abel said...

I'm with Lisa. You should make an exhibit of all the hate mail. Title it "Sucks when no one likes your art!"

Andrea said...

It would he even better if you framed art and put it in a show. Then when he/she confesses it was theirs, then you say, "well now that it isn't anonymous, it's not brilliant"

I love your hate mail!