Friday, March 14, 2008


These are my feet. Feet aren't the prettiest things. Mine actually knew they were getting their picture taken so they had their toenails painted. Still, I'm not quite sure which pose flatters them most.

Feet say a lot about a person. The other night I had my first full reflexology treatment. Last summer I had a mini-session with a girl at the Farmer's Market. About a month ago I ran into her at Rubio's. I recognized her, she recognized me and then she sent me an email to get an hour treatment at half off. I figured I couldn't turn that down. She has a Masters Degree and is certified in all this stuff called "sole healing" she's been trained, attended healing seminars and has an extensive library with books about reflexology and energy work.

This is their "demure" look. The treatment is kind of a foot massage, but not really. She works all over your feet, finding tender spots and working on those like someone giving you a body massage would. But she also tells you about yourself according to your feet. So here is what my feet say about me: My feet scream "I'm healthy." I'm physically healthy and emotionally healthy. I asked what unhealthy feet look like and Julie told me some people have really curved and scrunched toes. I always thought that was a result of wearing pointy shoes.

We discovered I'm tightest in my back and my neck. If you didn't know this already, your feet are basically a map of your body. So up around the big toe is your neck and so when she worked on that it really hurt. She did a little bit of energy work and it was actually really cool. I could feel energy running up through my legs and my arms, but not really in my neck which was her goal.

Julie avoids all the new-agey stuff because she's a religious person and doesn't necessarily believe in all of that. But she said if she did she would tell me I was a "star child".

I learned some things about the language of feet though. My feet tell me I'm a giving person and very intuitive. I also learned the right foot is your past and the left foot is your present. Julie told me I used to hold a lot of things inside and not share my emotions (something I'm very aware of) but according to my left foot I've recently overcome that, which has made me more emotionally healthy. But then she pointed to the little toe on my left foot and said I remain somewhat of a private person. The fact that my second toe is a little taller than my big toe means I lead by example. I remember being concerned about this when I was little because most of the people I knew had toes that slanted down at a clean angle. I remember asking my dad if he thought my toes were strange. He took off his sock and said, "Nope. You have Greek God feet -- like your daddy.

My session was very interesting. I'm going to have to go back sometime and see if my feet have progressed. If anyone is interested in having their feet worked on, let me know. I can hook you up.


Shann said...

Laura, I love that your feet are not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside!

I've heard about this reflexology's sounds very interesting. I think I would like to try it sometime.

charlotta-love said...

That is one thing I regret not doing while I lived in Utah. I knew this lady in Pleasant Grove who 'read' feet and I never tried it for some reason. Cool that you actually went.

and cute feet by the way! very 'healthy'.

Hilda said...

It sounds very interesting and relaxing! I would love to try it. Please let me know.

Cameron's Corner said...

I would be down with a foot massage, but I'm totally not cool with "foot astrology". My wife would be, though. She's into the "you have an amazing aura" and "I'm 75% Gemini" crap.

Uh oh. I hope nobody felt my "negative energy" flowing through this comment.

Ilene said...

Weren't all the pictures of Christ during the Byzantine type era have him with the second toe longer than the first to show divinity?

It is part of your divine nature. I am not new agey but I am quite spirichual.

My second toe is longer. My feet are more pudgy than yours. What does that say about me? Is my past and present heavily entagled with food?

Joel said...

Someone (I think it was Jana Pohlman) for some reason referred to the second toe longer as having an "Aggressive Vice President" I have always thought that was funny.

Laura Lee said...


I don't remember being taught that in my art history classes. But that sure does shed a whole new light on the "lead by example" thing.

Shann and Hilda, I'll forward Julie's next discount email to you.

Andrea said...

Me too! I think it would make an awesome first date. I want my foot read!

Janey said...

Laura Your feet are beautiful. I wouldn't dare put up a picture of my feet because they are so beat up! Caluses, corns, cracks, toe jam. Yuck. I have what she would call "Unhealthy Feet"!