Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The past two weekends I’ve been a housesitter. I absolutely LOVE the house I live in, but sometimes housesitting is great because I can pretend to live somewhere else and enjoy amenities I don’t get to enjoy on a day to day basis.

My friend Jane asked me to take care of her dogs a couple weeks ago. I wasn’t really housesitting – although she told me I could stay there if I wanted. I probably would have spent more time there had I not been so busy. Jane said to feel free to use their amenities. I guess what she meant was their cable and their jet tub. (Jane, when is the hot tub going to be up and running again?) I didn’t have time watch TV there or take a bath, but the best amenities at Jane’s house are the cute puppies and the piano. And I played with both.

This past weekend my sister asked me stay at her house and feed the cat. I wasn’t planning on spending as many nights there as I did, but I ended up staying all four nights because I was nervous about leaving the cat inside all day. He definitely has a schedule. Every morning when I let him in, it was time to drink out of a faucet -- which faucet he wanted to drink from was always a surprise. My favorite instruction that came along with Dominic was to be sure to feed him, but not to worry if I didn’t because he is kind of fat. Dominic needed me to pet him ALL the time.

I was enjoying living in a house I could never afford by myself with the amenities that come along with it: a garage, a bathtub, and a new wardrobe. Lisa doesn’t care if I wear her clothes as long as I give her credit on the compliments I receive. So, Lis, people liked your shoes and that copper ring with the white on it. Oh and your maroon sweater with the elbow patches.

I don’t have cable at my house, so it’s nice to change up my television routine. I watched a little bit of Dance Crew on MTV, but mostly I watched morning news shows and four episodes of Alias on the big screen downstairs.

I learned a couple things this weekend: I’ve been using Aveda shampoo for the past year and I forgot all about static hair until I used Lisa’s Loreal shampoo. So I’ve concluded all-natural shampoo prevents static.

I also learned my sister has an addiction. Lisa. We’ve talked about this, but when you told me about your problem with purchasing lip gloss (not necessarily using it, but purchasing it) I had no idea it was this severe. As I was looking for a flat iron I came across several cosmetic bags full of lip products. I counted 35 tubes of lip stick/gloss/stain or whatever in your upstairs bathroom. What’s disturbing is this doesn’t count what you brought with you to L.A. Your obsession with collecting lip products is almost as crazy as my compulsion to rinse them off and line them up in a row.

Just so you know I put them all in one big cosmetic bag under your sink.

Welcome home. Thanks for letting me stay at your house, wear some of your clothes and eat your food. I didn’t have a party, but I did vacuum.


Ilene said...

You are one wild child. I'm glad Lisa doesn't collect toe lint lacy underwear.

Ilene said...

toe lint OR lacy underwear.

Rhett said...

I love the lip gloss picture!

Janey said...

You can come play the piano anytime. I'm sure it enjoys a true pianist to stroke it once in a while. As for the hot tub, I guess we will have to replace it soon so it can be one of our amenities. I'm glad you liked my word.

charlotta-love said...

This is a bit of lip gloss. And if you vacuum when you house sit? come to my place!