Sunday, March 02, 2008

D.C. Chronicles: Day 3

Today was a much more relaxing day. I got to sleep in because we didn't have to be out the door until 9 AM this morning. It's kind of nice having the complimentary breakfast at the hotel because I can eat at my leisure.


We took the car this morning to the National Air and Space Museum. We were there before the door opened. I'm an always on-time person, but I'm sick of being early. We were early to the Archives, to the Capitol and to the White House. I wouldn't mind waiting outside if it weren't so cold. And it's not even cold. I blame the wind and the humidity which makes the wind cold. The wind is not my friend here.

Anyway, we saw the Space Station 3D movie narrated by Tom Cruise. I told Dad we saw this one when we went to Boston, but he didn't believe me. He should believe me. I have an exceptional memory, but I'm learning he doesn't, so I just reminded him that it was a good one.

This was a fun museum. I particularly liked the Wright Brothers exhibit. I learned all about Orville and Wilbur. After that I went downstairs and learned that I would not qualify to be a stewardess in 1950 for two reasons: 1) I am not between the age of 21 and 26 and, 2) My fingernails are rarely polished. There's also the attractiveness factor. Now, I know I'm not a dumpy girl or anything but they asked that you be, and I quote, "Just below Hollywood standards". I don't know what that means.


I'm not big on band concerts, but I really enjoyed it. This was the reason we came actually. Dad is the Exec. Director of the Barlow Endowment which commissions composers to write new music. This has been the reason for just about every trip I've tagged along with Dad. We go hear the world premieres of these commissions. With the exception of the Barlow piece, this concert was fairly accessible and easy-listening. There was the traditional Sousa marches, and then there was a Bernard Hermann suite from some movie I can't remember. He wrote the scores to Citizen Kane and other old movies. This one had something to do with the Devil? I don't know, I didn't bring the program with me to the computer. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. It was in Arlington Virginia.

Alice Barlow Jones, who sits on the board of directors was there and she took us to dinner at the Chart House. She had her son with her and then she invited a guy from the Marine Band and his wife. They were very, very nice and interesting people. I can answer any question you might have about the Marine Band now. Alice lives in D.C. and I guess the Barlow Endowment is based there even though BYU administers it. She's an interesting lady. I guess Bill Marriott is in her ward. Man. I wonder what that neighborhood is like. I enjoyed their company. But even if they bored me to tears, my sweet and spicy Chilean sea bass would have made it all worthwhile. In fact, I had the molten chocolate lava cake for dessert, which is one of my favorite things ever -- but the waiter could have brought out my dinner entree again and I would have been thrilled. That was the best fish I have ever tasted. It was incredible. I'm still thinking about it. I wish there had been more of it. I let Dad have a bite, but if those other people hadn't been there, I would have slapped his hand away when he went in for a second helping.

After dinner, we went to the Lincoln Memorial. Tomorrow I have to find time to go to H&M. I can't come Back East and not go to H&M.


Ilene said...

I LOVE marching band music. We own all the UofO marching band CDs from each year we were in Eugene.

I'm lying. That is one UofO endorsed item that we do not have in our house. Whew.

Laura Lee said...

Whatever, color guard girl. You love it.

Ilene said...

Ah, a hit below the belt.

You know you were secretly jealous of the colorguard girls. Nothing like dancing with a flag to jump someone into the "cool" group at school.