Monday, March 03, 2008

D.C. Chronicles: Day 4

We had another full day planned. Last night Dad gave me the laid back plan, the moderate plan and the aggressive plan. Being a moderate person I asked for the moderate plan. In fact, I don't think I ended up hearing the aggressive plan.

The moderate plan began at 8:45 AM. I guess that's the plan we went with because while I was at the computer I got a call from upstairs telling me it was time to head out. We went to Ford's Theatre to see where Lincoln was shot. Unfortunately, it was closed for a year. So we went across the street to the house where Lincoln died. That was kind of cool. I asked the national park ranger if any of the furniture was original and he said it wasn't. Apparently Chicago has the bed Lincoln died in. Why does Chicago have it? I mean, I know a private collector sold it to them, but c'mon. It belongs in the museum that commemorates his death don't you think? Let's all write letters.

After that we took the metro (which Dad kept calling the "tube" like he was in London) to the Library of Congress. Wow. I'm glad we found time to go there. Who knew that building was so beautiful on the inside? It was incredible. Loved it. Wish we had more time there. Another observation about Dad...and I think Mom has mentioned this before. He acts like a crossing guard. It's funny for awhile, but then it gets embarrassing. He is a very red personality, and I get along real well with reds, so I thought it was mostly funny. When the light turns red just as you're about to cross his arm holds you (and whomever else is there) back as he says, "Hold on!" and then when the walk signal comes he waves his arm and says, "Here we go!"

Now it was time to check out, go fill up the car and then drop me off at H&M while Dad looked around more at the Air and Space Museum. I needed more shopping time, but oh well.

If you're ever at the Smithsonian and you want a good place to eat, eat at the "food court" at the bottom of the National Gallery of Art. It's not like the food court at the mall, it's all made to order there. And they have gelato. And a pretty fountain.

So, I guess it's home again. I'm really not ready to be back. I want to be in D.C. longer. I need to find a way to get back there. If anyone wants to go to D.C., even just for the weekend, I'm your girl.


Ilene said...

Let's go!

Now, did you ever mind the crossing guard act when you were a teenager? I could see me dying of embarassment but teenage Laura probably didn't care much, huh?

Anonymous said...

LOL at the crossing guard comment. It's so funny too...because I don't think I would have ever really recognized that this happens! But you're are totally right...he does do that! I've always really liked that he does this, now that I am thinking about it :) Whenever I have been on vacation with him, it made me feel like he was taking care of me. Sweet Uncle Tom.

Janey said...

D.C is the best. My favorite place to eat is in Dupont Circle. It was right next to the Xando bar. I can't remember the name of the place, I just know you could get wraps with mash potatoes in them. They were so good. I'm jealous you went to H&M. Any good finds? Your dad is great. As I was leaving your house the day you left he said, "why don't you come?" I thought that was great coming from someone who probably didn't know who I was!