Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Hate Doing Art Returns for High School Students

The worst is when they were seniors last year when we borrowed their artwork so at this point they're either away at college, walking around Brazil, or their contact information has changed.

Ring Ring

Me: Hi could I speak to Mariah?
Voice: She doesn't live here
Me: you know who Mariah is?
Voice: Yeah she's my sister
Me: Oh, ok. I have a painting of hers that she probably would like back. Can I have her new number?
Voice: I don't know what it is.
Me: You don't have her number?
Voice: Well, it's somewhere around here, but I don't know where it is.
Me: (irritated pause) OK, how would you suggest I get a hold of her?
Voice: Well, I could give you my mom's number and she could give you her number and you could call her, or I could get your number and give it to Mariah sometime when I see her.
Me: Yeah, let's do the first one.


Annie said...

Or you could just wait for 40 years and do another Unclaimed show.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

is it any good?