Sunday, July 03, 2011

Yet Another List

I finished my lesson for church today early, so I thought I would revisit this much neglected blog of mine. When I don't have the energy for narrative, I make a list.

Every now and then I’ll have a good, long Google conversation with my friend Mike. I don’t know why, but talking to him reminded me of a post he put up on his blog awhile ago with a list of things that, depending on how many on the list you can answer “yes” to, will tell you how good a friend you are of his. I was able to answer more than half of them in the affirmative.

I enjoy a good narcissistic exercise every now and then so last night as I was enjoying one of my favorite Saturday night activities, I thought of my own list:

1.  You can tell me what I was referring to as one of my favorite Saturday night activities.
2.  You’ve come with me on a weekend getaway or a summer vacation.
3.  I’ve introduced you to 2+ of my family members.
4.  I’ve invited you over for dinner.
5.  I’ve asked for your input on a talk or lesson and you were responsive and helpful.
6.  You’ve come to visit me at work, whether during the work day or for Gallery Stroll.
7.  I’ve obsessed about something in front of you and you still talk to me.
8.  You’ve come to more than one of my concerts.
9.  I’ve stayed up talking to you past my bedtime.
10. I cried in front of you and didn’t feel like I needed to apologize for being stupid or silly.
11. You told me I was pretty (sometimes I’m easy)
12. You still read this blog.

Here’s the break down:

If you can claim 6+ items, we are Very Good Friends.
If you can claim 4+ items, we are Mostly Friends.
If you can claim 2+ items, we are Kinda Friends.

*Disclaimer: the validity of this exercise is inconsequential and shouldn't be taken too seriously. But if you happen to do really well, I will take a respective amount of pleasure in that.


joN. said...

does your saturday night activity not require your hands or your eyes?

i think i did really well on this list. have i ever seen you cry though?

my word verification is "spleash." i'm pretty sure that's an amy wong word.

Laura Lee said...

If "knowing who Amy Wong is" has a place on your list I already have one strike against me.

Kell's Belles said...

Nine for twelve, baby! But maybe family doesn't count . . . Still, fingers crossed I count as a "Very Good Friend" :)

Now off to Google "Amy Wong"!

Ilene said...

I knew you love and adored me.

Now I have the list to prove it.

Annie said...

Eleven! Yippee! Because I don't quite understand the first one. Or I might be 12.

Nasher said...

6 out of 12!

Saule Cogneur said...

Despite having migrated largely to Twitter, I still appreciate the shout out.

I think I'm a weak 6 out of 12. As consolation, I have to remind myself that it wasn't until I moved away that you started talking to me for real ;)

Laura Lee said...

Annie, you're totally 12. C'mon Mike, you're at least 7 or 8 on this list.

And I hate when you talk about me not talking to you until you moved away.

ROXY MARJ said...

I OBJECT!!!!! This list must have been geared towards one specific person.... ANNIE?!?! :-[) hehehe lol I love this list post. I am going to follow in your footsteps and do a list as well!! :) xo