Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Praise the Digital Age! i.e. I am cuter now than I was 10 years ago.

In preparation for a yet to be published blog post, I was looking through ALL my old photographs Sunday afternoon. I found myself laughing out loud as I saw this sequence of pictures from 1995 when Lisa and I went to live with our parents in London.

I like to call this series: “Could Lisa be more bored?”

In all fairness, I don’t look too thrilled in this one either.

This one isn’t in London; it’s just on a family road trip. My guess is the South Dakota road trip. I can’t tell you where we are exactly, but I can tell you Dad made us stop because there was a plaque for him to read.

I also found this other picture that cracked me up because my roommate Mandi and I had a conversation earlier about how I don’t think I’m photogenic. I don’t think I’m a dumpy girl or anything, but the camera is not always my friend. Every now and then I’ll get lucky, and those are the pictures you see of me on Facebook, in my photo albums, etc.

This picture, however...I don’t know how the camera did it, but it made me look like I weighed 200 pounds. I mean, I have lost weight since college, but boy. I do not remember looking like that. I went to visit Ilene in Idaho last year (she’s the one on the ground) and we looked through old college photos and laughed as we agreed it’s no wonder we didn’t attract many suitors in college.

How I love the digital age so I can edit before anything is printed! I'll admit, I love that I kept this horrible, horrible photo.


Chicks-with-Sticks said...

This, Laura, is why I live in a "no photo zone"

Lisa Marie Trent said...

I'm Not bored- I just hated being stopped to "take a picture" I remember it taking extraordinarily long to get one shot in.

And that is NOT south dakota... that is some Cedar City-ish trip with a side road trip. I was graduated from high school in South Dakota. There- I have braces and god-awful chunky brown sandals.

And I certainly agree- you never looked like you were 200lbs, in real life. But those wide-legged jeans and that mega baggy sweatshirt certainly didn't help..

Ilene said...

Socks with sandals, Lisa?

Even I knew that was a no-no.

Of course wearing too shoft of jeans and an old Girls Camp sweatshirt my senior of college as seen in that last photo with 200-lb Laura doesn't speak to highly of myself either.

Laura, that is a BAD picture. You are beautiful and were beautiful in college. Of course we were pretty good at hiding our beauty in ill-fitting clothes and this picturee was taken before we knew to smile with our chin up, right?

BYU... What a bust.