Monday, April 05, 2010

Going on Twenty...

If you're wondering why this parking validation is laminated, read on.

I've had this validation for almost twenty years. Don't believe me? See image of the back of the card below:

To say that I have had it for almost twenty years is only half true because my dad has had it as well. We take turns having it -- or not having it. It all started the night he got it after parking at the Lion House for my cousin's wedding reception. Which cousin? I'm not sure. Any of you guys read this? Who got married on May 8, 1991? My guess is Michael.

I remember Dad handed it to me to keep track of, and I said, "No, I don't want it. You take it." And he said, "Lar...hold onto this" and I was like, "No, you." Not in a bratty way. It was all very playful. Trust me.

To make the LONG story extremely short...we've been trading it back and forth for the past twenty years. We've stuck it in sock drawers, pockets, etc. Some exchanges have been more extravagant than others. I remember two in particular:

I was in 8th grade. I was in choir class when someone delivered an envelope to Mr. Farley. He said, "Laura, this is for you." It was BYU stationary. I was a little startled, "What does BYU want with me?" I thought. "Did I do something extraordinary? Am I invited to something?" I opened the envelope with a little anxiety until this little validation fell out. Nice one.

Naturally, I had to return it to him somehow. My dad sang in the Tabernacle Choir at the time and my 7th grade English teacher also sang in the MoTab. I had an idea. I went to Mrs. Christensen's classroom and asked her to do me a favor by putting the card in his "box" where the choir members pick up their music before rehearsal. Apparently when she got there, he had already picked up his music, so instead (this is even better), she went to the row where he was sitting, handed it to the guy at the end and said, "Will you pass this down to Tom?" So I bet having this card passed down in the Tabernacle from baritone to baritone (is that what part Dad sings?) was pretty unexpected. I was proud of that one.

At what point this card was laminated, I'm not sure. I think he mailed it to me from some foreign country when he was gone on choir business or work business and it was laminated. Good thing. It would have been totally trashed by now.

The last time I gave it to him was last May when I stayed with him and my mom in London. Right before I flew out, I stuck it in his New English Hymnal which he referred to frequently.

I forgot about it until I pulled these cherry tomatoes from my fridge tonight to make a salad. He must have slipped the card in the baggie I had in their fridge the night before (I was instructed to bring a salad for Easter dinner). Yes, if I have 4 tomatoes leftover I will bring them home.

I don't remember seeing it in there when I threw the ziploc baggie in my "to go home" bag. Well played Dad. Well played.


MandiScandal said...

love it

(p.s. my validation word for this post is conan- cool huh?)

Amy said...

You are so funny! I love that you and your Dad do this. I never knew him very well, but he sounds like an awesome dad from the couple posts I've read about him here. It's fun to be able to peak into your world here and there. Your family is great. Tell your mom hi for me sometime. I loved her as a piano teacher, but I was too shy to express it back then. Ah, the life of an intravert :) Does she still teach? It sounds like you're having some fun musical experiences as well! I miss the music world here and there. When my children are a little older, I'll have to reconnect :)
Have a great day!
Amy Benedict Stanger

Ang said...

That is hilarious.

Ilene said...

Funny story.

However, I find that you saving four CHERRY tomatoes more hilarious.

Waste not, want not.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

This is ridiculous.

Mike Durham said...

Cousin Michael here. That WAS our wedding, and oddly enough, My oldest daughter and I have been playing the same game with a green plastic cup and an empty Dr. Pepper can. Those things turn up in the darndest places!!