Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Farewell Seychelles

I've noticed articles of clothing that come into your life are often analogous to the people that come into your life. You never can truly predict what/who is going to stick around, what/who you're going to adore and end up sharing just about every day with. They often grow on you, or prove to be more compatible with you than you ever imagined.

You might see a cute pair of wedges at Nordstrom and think, "There's something about those I like. Are they me? I don't know. They really don't have much in common with my wardrobe. They'll stand out. Will I really be able to put them to use? Well, they're on sale. I'm going to give them a try."

And then you do and you wear them more than you ever thought you could. In fact you start buying things to go with those wedges because you love them so much -- those wedges are an essential part of any clothing purchase you make from there on out because that's how much you've grown to love them.

And so it was with my maroon Seychelles. The first wedges I ever owned -- and the first non black, brown or gray shoes I ever owned, really. They were cute, stylish; they made me appear taller than I actually was. I was surprised at how comfortable I was in them. Not just comfortable with how I looked, but with how I felt. I could walk and walk in them and my feet didn't resent me for it. In the beginning I kept it simple. I wore them with black pants, jeans and a white tee shirt, but then...then I got a little crazy (maybe a little lazy) and just put them on regardless of what other color I was wearing...and you know what? Miraculously it worked. It was as if all my clothes bowed to the dominance of the Seychelles and adjusted to make it work. The shoes had that kind of power. I never imagined how much value I would end up getting out of our years together (I'm actually wearing them in my blogger profile photo where I'm in Roman dancer pose).

But, alas...our time has come to an end. I blame myself. I was so anxious to begin our relationship that I didn't take any kind of cautionary measures to protect them from the elements. They were real leather, yet I didn't bother waterproofing them. I remember that first fateful morning when I wore them to work and then ran in the rain to get into my building. I knew I made a mistake.

That actually wasn't the worst of it. The worst of it was a little over a year ago when I was in New York and as soon as I stepped outside after a night at the ballet, the downpour soaked my shoes and my feet inside my shoes as I ran a block to the nearest Starbucks for shelter. I think that was the turning point. That was when the soles began to warp. They dried and curled and hardened to a point where they no longer stayed put and they poked my heel when I walked in them. Yes, that was the turning point, but the tipping point was when I stepped in mud. As you can see from the picture, I didn't even try to wash it off. I knew it was time to let them go.

Farewell Seychelles.

Last Saturday afternoon I was at Macy's. I love shoes, but I don't buy them nearly as often as your average girl. In fact, I have more stories about how I almost bought something but ended up not. I would say I buy about 30% of the items I actually want to buy (although there's a jacket at Ann Taylor Loft that I must have. I'm more weak when it comes to jackets than shoes, believe it or not).

Anyway, I stopped in Macy's shoe department. I don't know what I was looking for. I rarely find anything good when I'm looking for something specific. And then these darlings caught my eye:

They're purple. Much like the maroon wedges that seduced me about four years ago, these purple wedges begged for me to give them a chance. Do I wear a lot of purple? No. Me, being the practical purchaser began to mentally inventory my wardrobe. My rule is I have to have at least three outfits that I can wear these shoes with to make them a wise investment. Fortunately, I'm a little boring and wear a lot of black and any color goes with black. I was still feeling insecure so I picture messaged three trustworthy advisers. Only two responded, but because I am my own Chief Executive Outfitter I made the decision to make the purchase.

They're a mid-height wedge. They're comfortable, they're simple, and now they're mine. Please don't judge me for buying something with Jessica Simpson's name on it.


SRA said...

Why'd you have to go and ruin it by using the words "Jessica Simpson"??! lol

...and I love the term "Chief Executive Outfitter". Thanks for that.

MandiScandal said...

I feel so special that I was one of those 3 "trustworthy advisers!! I feel like a shoe connoisseur.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry for your loss. But I absolutely love your new purple shoes!

Kelly D. said...

Ooh, I'm loving the purple. Those are great! And I'll have you know that I have a pair of Jessica Simpson flats and they are very comfortable (not to mention quite durable). The girl may be an embarrassment to human beings, but she puts her name on great shoes.

This post is timely for me because I just went through my clothing time capsule two days ago. These are clothes that I CANNOT wear (because they are out of style or no longer fit) but CANNOT throw away. Like the dress I wore to my high school graduation or the Laura Ashley linen suit I wore to my wedding luncheon. The last dress that my grandmother and I picked together before she died has a special place in there. I'm not sentimental about many things, but clothes/shoes are at the top of the list for some reason!

So, I offer my sincere condolences on the Seychelles because I know they will be missed. No matter how cute your new shoes are, I know from experience that it's hard to move on!

Annie said...

First, I'm still mourning the loss of the Seychelles. They were good shoes, and that memory of them in New York holds a special place in my heart.

Second, I'm honored to be a trusted clothing advisor and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to respond because my phone doesn't accept picture texts. Stupid phone.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Sorry I told you NOT to buy them. I just can't see myself wearing purple shoes with anything so it was my first instinct. I will truly miss the Seychelles. They were perfect.

meowsk said...

They are so pretty and purple does match with almost everything. I couldn't resist a pair of Jessica Simpson wedges and now leave a print of her signature everywhere I step. She may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but she sure does make a cute shoe.

Liz said...

I have a pair of backless flats that I love. Even though they are trashed on the inside and have been super glued back together, I still have a hard time throwing them out. I have looked and looked for another pair just like them but they are not to be found. I don't think they will make it another summer so I am on the hunt once again. While there might not be another pair just like them out there I hope, just like you to find a solid replacement.

I like the purple and I think with your dark hair you can pull them off. Besides we all need a little spice in our lives right?

Ilene said...

Ah, you've come along way from those big black chunky heeled loafers.

I laughed out loud when I read the words, "You might see a cute pair of wedges at Nordstrom..."

Me perusing Nordstrom? Not likely.

Please replace "Marshalls" for "Nordstrom" and you will be describing my life.

Which, by the way, my green snakeskin ballet flats (purchased at Ross) are the equivalent to your maroon shoes with the impossible brand name to spell or pronounce.

At least I can read and spell Jessica Simpson.

I wonder if the real Jessica Simpson could say the same...

Chicks-with-Sticks said...

Shoes... I can't imagine my life w/o my collection of colorful shoes. I have a couple of pair of Jessica Simpson high heels and I look fabulous in them. I am wearing red shoes that are several years old as I write this and can't bear the thought of parting with them. I am now inspired to buy more purple. I love purple and yet it is not currently represented in my shoe collection. I am off to!