Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Interim

Ever since Maria left for Manhattan and took the TV with her, I've become aware that I'm more a product of my generation than I thought. I miss TV. It's not that I'm missing out on a lot of shows I want to be watching. In fact, I've learned I really don't have a lot of programs that I NEED to see. But in the morning I usually watch the Today Show as I'm milling around, eating breakfast. And when I get home, I turn the TV on to whatever. The noise is mostly just a companion for me.

Without a TV, I feel so under-stimulated at times I'm not quite sure what to do. I mean, I have things to do. I'm a productive person, but I'm also a multi-tasker. And one of the tasks that usually accompanies my other tasks involves watching or at least listening to the television.

So for the time being, my iMac is my TV. On Sunday afternoon I wanted to watch a movie, but I didn't want to sit at my desk and watch it -- that's not relaxing. So I brought it downstairs so I could sit on the couch like I normally would. Only problem is when I want to use the computer as a computer (like now) I have to balance the keyboard on my lap. That's fine. I can improvise.

It actually looks kind of nice there doesn't it? Someday our computers will be our televisions. But not today. No, today, for me to pretend like I have a television, I go to or and look for shows online that I didn't have time to watch when they originally aired. I am now caught up on Medium. And I may have rewatched some Lost.

Here's the sad and pathetic thing: I am at a computer for the majority of my work day. But there's something inside me that needs to come home and sit in front of a box with a bright light to unwind. So I walk in the door and head towards the computer and sit in front of it. As if this computer has something very different to offer me than the one I sat at 8 minutes ago.

I've accomplished a lot this week with my spare time that reruns of Friends and Seinfeld and local news used to occupy. I did two loads of laundry, organized the spice cupboard (I love lining things up in a row). I cleaned my room a couple times, rearranged and sorted through everything in the "nursery" and I mopped the floor. Before I wrote this post I organized the DVDs by genre. Next is cleaning out the fridge. (No need to invite me over to your house to do chores, I know what you're thinking.)

I'm holding out on buying a new TV until we get a new roommate. After all, new girl may come with a nice flat screen. In the meantime, instead of curling up on the couch with a blanket and a remote control, I'll be curling up with a blanket and my wireless mouse so I can "click to continue."


Stephanie said...

If the new girl doesn't have a TV, you should definitely buy a big one. I've never regretted buying my TV - it's the best.

Rhett said...

ok... many thoughts:
1. You could just come over to our house and use our TV, TIVO, computers etc like Dre does.
2. I do the same thing. My company designs and programs web sites. What do I do after work? I go home and surf the web.
3. You know... if you bored... I do have 3 rooms that I paid to have cleaned... just sayin :)

SRA said...

My unwinding often involves falling dead asleep within 45 minutes-1 hour of arriving home. Depends on whether I want to read the paper first or not. Maybe you ought to look into post-occupational napping (PON)'s made my life better & might work for you too. ;) ~~

abel said...

Since I married MG, my computer has been the "TV" when it comes to watching movies. (It's much funner to watch them in bed together.) If it wasn't for LOST, I could go without a TV in the house.

Ilene said...

I'm glad you are so productive after work. I hit the evening and just shut down. Who am I kidding, I am pretty useless after 3pm. That's not good when I am supposed to cook dinner.

I think it is time you perused your local library. I am too busy reading to watch t.v. lately. It has been lovely.

Janey said...

If only I could make such use of my time. I am the queen of starting to organize something but never finishing therefore nothing ever looks organized. Can you say ADD. I need some organization lessons. So we should hang out together, because chances are I am curled up next to my old monster zenith, far from being flat, probably the width of half the room, with my favorite soft pink blanket and sometimes my dog between my legs. By the way, you should really get a dog. They make great company! Or just borrow one of mine anytime.

Cameron's Corner said...

I think Macs look great everywhere. If I was a computer, I would totally try to get my friends to hook me up with a Mac and I'd do everything in my power to score a sweet doorstep makeout.

Laura Lee said...


Thanks for the invite. Maybe when new episodes of shows I care about start airing again I'll feel a need.

I can't believe no one has cashed in on my service auction items! I'm happy to come clean your rooms, but I think the agreement is you tell me in advance a specific time when you want me to come.

Morty said...


In the meantime, until you get a roommate, you would be welcome to use a TV that I have just sitting in storage right now. It's only 19 inches. Let me know and I'll bring it over.

P.S. The cocktail party was great!