Thursday, April 24, 2008

Choose Your Own Mayan Adventure

Saturday night I had the opportunity to go to the Mayan to watch a friend dive. I heard the food wasn't that great, so I wasn't expecting a lot. I thought it would be fun to mostly watch the diving, because how awesome is that? A diving show while you eat dinner?

Apparently it's so awesome that we had to wait an hour for our table. But not awesome enough that they fill all the tables in the restaurant. Seriously, when we were shown to our table there were about four other tables in our area without a dinner party. So when our waiter left, we got up and moved to a spot with a better view of the divers.

Do you want to:

a) see the divers dive
b) talk to the Mayan priestess
c) eat the fish tacos (scroll down)

So I wasn't expecting the food to be that great, but when we got the chips, they were nice and toasty warm, and the salsa wasn't bad, so my expectations improved. And I was told the current chef either worked at a Cafe Rio or was in charge of a Cafe Rio, and Cafe Rio ain't that bad. Because I have a thing about ordering fish when I go out, I ordered the fish tacos. I ate about one and a half of them.

I heard the burritos were good, but the guy who ordered the fajitas said there wasn't enough meat. Just as an FYI. Oh, Steph ordered the beef burrito and asked for carne asada. The waiter said they didn't have any. Steph pointed to the special which was a chimichanga or something with "carne asada." He said those come pre-made. Nice. I guess that is special. I wonder how much they inflated Costco's wholesale price.

Do you want to:

a) meet an honest to goodness diver
b) meet a stone lion
c) meet a parrot (scroll down)

I kind of felt like I was at Disneyland in the Tikki Room or something. There were fake birds everywhere, sounds of running water and island music. And people speaking to you in a strange language. It was a good time. But we all decided if we were to go back, we would bring small children.


Steph said...

The waiter's chimichanga comment kind of scared me. I've seen the big bags of chimichangas at Costco, I know what he was talking about. Since I didn't end up with food poisoning, I'm going to have to give the food a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. You definitely go to the Mayan to see the divers, not to eat the food.

Cameron's Corner said...

I haven't been there since my 5 year old (9 months at the time) choked on a chip and ended up throwing up all over the table. The barf was a breast milk/tortilla chip combo. Not pretty, Laura... not pretty.

Kelly said...

Oh, man, Chloe worships the Mayan! She even had her 4th birthday party there (I could have sworn you were there!). She loves the lizard in the front. Was it talking to people the night you were there?

SRA said...

Interesting. I was thinking of going after stake conference, but ended up going with the sisters to a teaching appointment instead. Guess I didn't miss a whole lot, foodwise...

Johnny Metropolis said...

I always feel like I am on a ride at an amusement park when I am there. A really lame ride where you're bored most of the time, cause the cart never moves around anywhere.