Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pictures and Pitchers of Water

Hey everyone! I’m back after taking a little blogging break and I wanted to invite you all to the second annual photo contest held at Apricot Avenue on Friday, October 19th. Last year the contest was combined with a mocktail party. This year, I decided to combine it with a Kool-Aid party.

You see, Kool-Aid turns 80 this year and I think it deserves a celebration. I used to drink it a lot as a kid but then I guess I grew out if it. My friend Marni would make Kool-Aid when we were roommates a few years ago and I remember drinking it and thinking, “Kool-Aid is good” as I poured myself a second glass. Anyway, there will be pitchers of water around the house and a variety of Kool-Aid mixes so you can mix your own.

I decided to suggest a theme for the photo contest this year. And the theme is “water.” You can be as loose and creative as you want with that. And to be perfectly honest, you can bring whatever photographs you want. It’s just a suggested theme, but I made a little slide show of water pictures to inspire you.

Do you like the steam effect? Just to be clear, whether or not you follow the water theme will play no part in the voting process. And there are no size requirements on the photographs this year. Bring whatever you have whatever size you have; you can print it on paper or whatever. Just bring it and I’ll put it up on our walls.

I hope this gives you enough time to get some photos together. If you don’t have any, that’s cool too, come on over and vote for your favorites.

Party starts at 8 PM! If you have photos, try to come a little early so we can display them. If you want to help out with food, just let me know, I’ll be thrilled.


ThomCarter said...

I totally heart Kool-Aid.

Since I don't think that I will be in Utah for your party, I will send a picture if you send me some Kool-Aid!


Ilene said...

Um okay Laura. You need a new post. This one keeps saying "nah, nah, nu-nah-nah" at me. I can't come to the party and I don't like being reminded of that :)

Hey, aerobics class was awesome. It was a funk dance routine. I never felt like such an uncool-mother-of-two-white-girl before. It was fun despite the mirror in front of me saying you move like a stiff sloth. Thanks for chatting with me before I went.

Schpan said...

This is Laura. Someone with the display name "Schpan" is logged into my computer and I have no idea who it is.

I know I need a new post. Topics for posts come to me as I'm eating/walking/sleeping/talking/working but it's a matter of getting around to it.

Ilene, you should email a picture.

You too Thomas, although I can't make any Kool-Aid promises...

laura said...

OK, I just checked out schpan's profile. I am officially weirded out. I hope it's one of Carri's friends.

Ilene said...

Water, eh? Hmmm. I will have to see what I have.

Morty said...

Mmmm....Kooool-Aid! Will you have some extra unmade Kool-Aid so I can add sugar and dip my fingers in it and eat it like FunDip?

Abel said...

I'm pulling for Jon to be the repeat winner.