Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pictures and pictures and pictures...

Thanks to all who came to the Pictures and Pitchers of Water Party on Friday!

And a particular thanks to those who helped out with the food (Kristi, Joe, Mike, Maria).

Notes to me: pigs in a blanket are way better when you use lil smokies. Next time, make more Jell-O Jigglers.

And thanks to Rhett for the lending of the water cooler. I still need to get that back to you.

I’m so glad it was a warm night so we could hang out on the porch as well as inside. I was thrilled that so many participated in the photo contest. I just realized I didn’t submit anything, but that’s OK. I also didn’t get a chance to vote. Oh well. Plenty of other people voted. I apologize for not keeping track of the runners up. I was kind of busy downstairs so I sent Pete up to tally the votes. And our winner is yet again, Jon Madsen. Congratulations Jon! Sorry there’s no prize. If you want a prize, tell me what you want and I’ll get it to you. But for now, all I can offer is a slide show of the submissions with “winner” attached to yours.

I apologize if you submitted a photograph and it’s not in this slide show. I had to use what people left and what people emailed me at my request. If you submitted something and it’s not here and you would like to see it here, simply email me and I’ll slip it in. This slide show also includes a couple photographs by people who were unable to bring photos to the party, but wished for their talents to be represented.


Ilene said...

Fun! I was hoping you would post the winners.

Lil Smokies add a touch of class to any pigs in a blanket.

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

I sure do like the one of Yellowstone. Cause it's not hawaii.

Stephanie said...

The Jello jigglers were probably the highlight of October 2007 for me.

abel said...

I called it!!!!!