Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Coming back to work after being away for awhile is hard. Especially in the summer when I can wake up and say, "I really don't NEED to be at work today." You see, things tend to slow down in the summer, and I work much better when I'm busy. Yet I have to be here ten freakin hours a day.

Lately I've had little vacations that exposed me to a workless life which made coming back to the office even harder. I've spoiled myself the past little while with mini vacations. Driving back from California on Sunday I would look out the window and say, "Let's stay in Vegas" and then, "Why don't we just spend the night in St. George" or, "Anyone want to check into a hotel in Cedar City and see a play?"

I even planned ahead for my unwillingness to return to work and scheduled an ALL DAY Adobe Illustrator class for myself on my first day back (yesterday) so I wouldn't have to go to the office right after my vacation. But putting off the inevitable only lasts so long, so this morning I had no choice but to pull into the back of my building and prepare for another day at work.

A couple weeks ago my bishop pulled me into his office to talk about my calling (I'm a Gospel Doctrine instructor). He made a random comment that I haven't really thought about until today. He told me God has a way of providing you with what you need.

Because of the following, what I was expecting to be a hum drum day, wishing I wasn't here, was actually not so bad after all:

1. Lila reminded me that we had an appointment in the morning to tour the Jim Jones exhibit at O.C. Tanner. Even if there wasn't beautiful artwork to look at, I just loved walking around in that old building which is now O.C. Tanner's flagship store. If I couldn't have the building for myself, I'm glad someone with money got it so they could honor it's history and renovate it right.

2. We're in between exhibits right now and while I was gone yesterday Fletcher had been taking down the Design show in the gallery. One of my favorite things about my job is the people I get to see every day. Whether he's bringing me chocolate leftover from his committee meetings or pointing out that the only letters he left on the title wall were the ones that spell my name, Fletcher can always make me smile.

3. When you work with a lot of annoying artists with entitlement issues, you tend to stereotype them a bit. When you complain about how they never pick up their artwork you grow impatient. But today, a lady whose painting I've been holding onto for over a month came in with some cards she made as an apology for not picking up her work sooner. That was sweet.

4. Last but not least: I got a large envelope in my box today and inside was a certificate telling me I got an award for outstanding public service! A little ironic since I don't feel like my work has been outstanding lately (truthfully it's probably my attitude that hasn't been outstanding), but someone had to nominate me for this award. So the fact that someone in this state of Utah thinks I'm outstanding makes me feel good. AND I got two free tickets to my choice of production at Hale Center Theatre. I refuse to purchase tickets to Hale for reasons I'll explain if you want to ask me about it, but they do a good job so I'll take a free ticket. I think I want to see the Drowsy Chaperone...and I will be taking bribes for the other ticket.

I guess what I'm trying to say is on a day when I came in planning my escape, I got what I needed to make it through to 6 PM. Tomorrow should be OK too. I hate to wish the summer away, but I'm really looking forward to September when things pick up again.


joN. said...

i'll make you a sandwich for that drowsy chaperone ticket.

word verification: holes.


ROXY MARJ said...

Laura! I cannot begin to tell you how much I too am looking forward to September!

And shame on me for not linking you to the photo you took of me that I have on my blog, will do that right now.

A bribe? For the Drowsy Chaperone??? hmmm...would a small 8.5x11 painting suffice? :)

p.s. bummed I missed out on your guys' mini disney vacation..even though technically I wasn't invited... I still like to pretend I was! ha! lol

oh! one more p.s. where do I find the info for the artist in residence competition you were telling me about, the one involving $10k?? :) I really want to apply for that!


Laura Lee said...

Hmmm...Jon responded first, but I think I'd rather have a painting than a sandwich. I'll have to mull this one over.

Jergs Family said...

Okay, I must know. Why do you refuse to purchase HCT tickets?