Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Lesson on Efficiency (Distraction)

Things I’ve completed in the last 2.5 hours since I sat down at my computer with the intention to work on my Sunday School lesson (in sequential order):

1. Straightened my hair
2. Watched an episode of Veronica Mars
3. Thumbed through a Real Simple magazine
4. Looked at pictures of the wedding dress Annie picked out
5. Downloaded the soundtrack to “Unbreakable”
6. Contacted a friend I haven’t seen for 4 years
7. Put a topcoat on my toenails that I painted yesterday morning
8. Realized I’ve only eaten one real meal a day all weekend
9. Ate a pickle and a wheel of cheese
10. Posted on my blog


Saule Cogneur said...

You've probably seen this. But just in case you haven't

It's fitting.

Ilene said...

I came to read your blog in an effort to postpone preparing my Relief Society lesson.


SRA said...

My SS lesson is already done. Hah! Great seeing you and the crew Thursday night. Nice job on the cake!

Annie said...

Amount of effort put in to my Sunday School lesson thus far: .25 hours. That's right, 15 minutes. Lesson due: 9 hours (10:10am).

Nasher said...

Exactly how big was this wheel of cheese?

Laura Lee said...

Big enough, Pete. Big enough.


Kristi said...

Was the pickle and the wheel of cheese your answer to a real meal? Not what I would expect from you...

Natalie said...

Laura. I like you. Great post.