Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ready, Set, Hike!

The name Laura essentially means “victory.” I double-checked that as I prepared to teach Gospel Doctrine on Sunday. We were discussing Naomi, Ruth and Hannah whose names bore great significance to their stories in the Old Testament.

I asked the class if anyone knew the meaning if their own name and if that knoweldge has affected their character or the way they live their lives. I was surprised when only two people knew what their name meant, and neither of them really cared. I guess I was expecting too much.

Laura comes from “Laurel” which means “crowned with laurels” which means “honored”, “victorious” or “leader of the group”. Honestly, knowing that hasn't really changed the way I live my life either.

Yesterday I was victorious but I was definitely not “leader of the group”.

My friend Mandi invited me to hike Grandeur Peak. It’s a four hour hike, and you summit the mountain. I like hiking, and I always feel good being outdoors, but I always hesitate to accept those invitations – especially from people who are clearly in better shape than I am. I don’t doubt that I can finish the hike – it’s just that it takes me longer to get there.

This is the same story with snowboarding, water-skiing, running…I usually only go with people if I feel safe and comfortable with them and trust they will be patient with me and not resent me for lagging behind or slowing them down (this is a Capricorn characteristic by the way).

I have some really good friends that I feel safe doing these things with, but I’m afraid I let this hold me back sometimes and I end up missing out on a lot of fun things because I don’t want to be the girl everyone has to wait for. Mandi was an awesome hiking companion. She waited for me when I needed to stop and catch my breath and she didn’t make me feel like I was holding her back (even though the last time she hiked this mountain she only had to stop twice).

Mandi told me the first time she hiked Granduer Peak she cried because she didn’t know what she was getting into. She wasn’t used to the elevation, she wasn’t used to the continual steep incline and she was with people who kept going and going and didn’t let her stop and hang back until she was ready.

There’s something to be said about pushing yourself even when you feel like your body can’t take it anymore. And I actually did pretty well -- much better than I feared. But I think there’s something equal to be said about being ready for something – ready to continue on (contemplate LOST finale here). And sometimes that can make all the difference.

With that said, here is a sample of what was running through my head during the hike:

Oh my gosh, we’re not even to the trail head and my legs are tired.

I was in better shape when I walked to work every day. Stupid government. Making me work at 7 – 6 so I don’t have time to walk anymore.

Was it easier to do this kind of thing ten years ago? Am I just feeling my age? (Down comes a wrinkly old Grandpa with a walking stick). Nope. That can’t be it.

Does everyone have a dog? Aren’t the doggies going to get tired?

I wonder if Mandi would hate me if I told her to just go ahead and I’ll see her up there.

That guy is carrying a 4 year old on his back? Oh man.

It’s a good thing it’s not blazing hot. I don’t think I would make it.
Why are my legs tired? I wonder if I could take tomorrow morning off. Yeah, I think I'll do that.

That guy is RUNNING. He’s running uphill.

The view at the top was gorgeous. And it felt really good. And I came to work on time this morning and I don't even feel that sore. I need to do this more often, and I'll get better. I need more people like Mandi, or maybe I just need to trust that more people are like Mandi.

Snowball fight. The snow felt really good.

Me pointing out nothing in particular because we were just posing.

Mandi actually fell a couple times, but this wasn't one of them.


Annie said...

Things I love about this post:
A)The jumping picture at the beginning
B)The totally posed pointing picture
C)That you played with snow

I'm bummed I missed the hike.

Ilene said...

Your thoughts are exactly why I have never gone skiing; both water and snow. I hate that people would have to wait for me... but mostly it is because I have too much pride to make a fool of myself in front of others.

I can't believe people didn't know the meanings of their names. I thought everyone (or every female, at least) knew that. Ilene means something like "light bearer." I always liked that. In fact, I screen the meanings of names when I need to name a child. I love the name "Avery" for a girl but it's meaning is "nickname for Alfred." So that name was immediately out of the running.

SRA said...

Wow. Gorgeous. I so love Utah.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Summiting a mountain is one of the best feelings in the world. I hope you did like it. I'll take you to Sunset Peak and we can do it again. It's such an achievement. Makes you feel all sorts of good. I'm glad you did it. Pushing yourself sucks. I had to push myself uphill in the wind at the St. G 5k, and ending up walking up it. I gave in. Wish I hadn't.

MandiScandal said...

i love how the picture of us having the snowball fight looks level when we were on an incline and the picture of me sitting looks like im falling when i was level. On second thought...i think you JINXED me because i hadn't fallen until AFTER that picture! don't do that again! LOL.

And yes...I would have been annoyed if you told me to go ahead. I wasn't leaving you. You were going to make it, and I was going to be there to witness it! I am glad I was. I don't care that we stopped more times than I can remember...I'm sooooo incredibly proud of you for making it...I told everyone at work! It's not about how FAST you make it...it's about MAKING IT! And you did! We WILL go again...and you WILL get better and better everytime!

You are victorious!

the word i have to type in to submit this comment is hothorts. what is a hot hort?

Saule Cogneur said...

I fear my potentially intense facial features and competitive nature give the false positive that I am cross that others are moving more slowly than me.

It's probably good for my self esteem that I never invited you to do something outdoorsy.

Kelly D. said...

I learned the meaning of my name in 4th grade. My teacher made a bulletin board that had everybody's name and meaning on it. Mine said "strife." I didn't know what that meant. When my mom saw it at back to school night, she felt bad really bad about it. She had to explain it to me. Now that I know what it means, I've tried not to let it affect my life! Your name has a much better definition!!!

Looks like an amazing hike! Love those snowballs!

Laura Lee said...

Hmmm...I just looked up Kelly and it also means "warrior" and "bright-headed". There are some meanings you can get behind :)