Monday, May 17, 2010

So far...

We'll see how the cantaloupe does. I've heard brussel sprouts are hard too. But like Ilene says, the square foot garden is magic -- nothing dies.

"Where are the tomatoes" you ask? They get a different spot in the garden. I don't know what variety I will plant yet. I'm thinking three different kinds.


Annie said...

Yay for your garden! I'm excited to see the fruits of your labor. And maybe taste them too.

Chicks-with-Sticks said...

Brussel sprouts are fun because they grow on what looks like a tree. We grew them when we lived in our first house in Canyon Rim.

Good Luck!h

Ilene said...

I should have given you my brussel sprouts. Mine just rotted away since no on in my family would eat them.

Also, cilantro goes to seed FAST. So keep trimming or just let it switch to coriander.

Oh, my grape tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes when crazy last year. I couldn't keep up with them once they started producing.

Pinch off the tops of your basil before they flower. That plant is a work horse.

I sound like a pro, don't I?

Have fun!

Saule Cogneur said...

MMMMMM, marigold. My favorite.

Jergs Family said...

This looks great Laura! Maybe we'll try brussel sprouts too. Grace loves them - especially roasted with a little bacon and lemon juice.

We did square foot gardening last year and it worked out really well, except for the fact that our garden boxes are right behind the basketball hoop. So, if it hadn't been for all the smashing of the plants - things would have grown beautifully! We'll give it another go this year.

By the way, we were still getting carrots from last summer up until MOnday when I pulled them all out to clear the way for the new plants.

Have fun!