Monday, October 26, 2009

Foods of Durham Past: Pigs in a Blanket

I can't believe this was my dinner.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch so I had to make a salad to complement my fat wrapped in butter in order to get some sort of vegetable in my diet today.

I'm not saying these aren't tasty. They are. Meat? Good. Cheese? Good. Rolls? Good. Just a lot of fat and cholesterol. But a perfectly acceptable lunch for kids.

This post is for my cousin Liz, who requested it a long time ago. Mom did make these a lot when we were little. I was lazy though, and just threw the cheese in the "blanket" and rolled them up, whereas Mom would slice each individual hot dog and wedge a piece of cheddar in there.

Because I'm me, I had to fancy them up a bit and use lil smokies and crescent rolls instead of regular hot dogs and Rhodes rolls like Mom used to use. Lisa gave me that idea a couple years ago when I called her not knowing exactly how to approach this hors d'oeuvre when I threw my Pictures and Pitchers of Water party. Of course, the pigs in a blanket went really fast. As did the Jell-O Jigglers. Mmmm...I should make those again too.

Eat again? Yes.
Make again? I have to because I have tons of lil smokies left.
Feed to friends? Will you eat them? Please?


j said...

Yes please! I love pigs in blankets.

Kristi said...

Yummy. I love that you fancied up this childhood food. Let me know when you'd like me to eat some.

Kelly D. said...

Mmm, these look good. I'll have to make these for the girls! I'm always looking for lunch ideas containing the three foods they will consistently eat (and yay, hot dogs are one of them!).

Nasher said...

What kind of fancy dipping sauce would one make for these?

Annie said...

I ate them last night and appreciated every last one of them. Thanks!

Morty said...

I loved the pigs in a blanket when you made them at that party. They are delicious.

Laura Lee said...

Kelly: just as an FYI, I sliced the crescent roll dough in half since the lil smokies are so "lil" but if you use hot dogs, you might want to use the whole triangle for the crescent roll.

Nahser: hmm...fancy dipping sauce...I would say a honey mustard or maybe even a horseradish. I might eliminate the cheese though if I were going to use sauce.

Ilene said...

Those look good. I probably won't make them for the kids because I would totally eat them because I can not ever resist salty meat fat wrapped in butter fat and covered in cheese.

Meals like this are the reason veggies are so unpopular. No carrot can compare.

SRA said...

Yup, I'll eat them. Have you ever had real pigs in a blanket, with cabbage leaves as the blanket? Just curious.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

I REALLY dressed them up though- I get an egg, put 2T of that yummy mustard that has the seeds in it, and then a couple dashes of curry, and maybe a tablespoon of mayo, and I spread that over the tops, then when they bake they have this shiny, crusty, spicy shell and they are SO good.

Liz said...

Do you remember making these for the Romreils (I don't even know how they spell their name?) Oh boy you could write a novel about babysitting them!
Anyway, thanks for the post. I love that you are spicing the recipe up a little. They sound a lot tastier now with lil smokies!
We have a Star Wars cook book and they have a recipe for tie fighters which are basically the same thing just in the shape of a tie fighter. Isaac begs for them all the time.