Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peaches and

A reader told me yesterday that she was sick of the pork chop. So was I. I attempted two other recipes this past week, but when I started a dessert, my mom told me it had the potential of going horribly wrong due to my ingredient improvising. And then before I started the second one, I stopped myself after realizing the ingredients I had on hand expired in 2006.

On to something simpler.

I learn from observation. I observed my dad eating this for breakfast on occasion. Peaches and milk. I watched him many times before trying it myself. It wasn't something that I LOVED enough to make repeatedly, but it was tasty.

A coworker brought me some peaches from his orchard yesterday. He said he's allergic to the fuzz. I asked, "Why don't you just peel off the fuzz?" He told me it wasn't worth the trouble.

Not worth the trouble? Any good piece of fruit is worth any kind of trouble you want to create for yourself. This peach was good too. There is something so completely wholesome and satisfying about a piece of really good fruit. In fact, being the purist that I am, I was kind of planning on draining the milk and just eating the peach, but when I tried it, I forgot how tasty this is. Double dosing the sweetness by adding brown sugar has a lot to do with it.

Dad would add much more milk to his bowl, but I'm a milk conservator and didn't want to waste too much.

Would I eat it again? Why not.
Would I make it again? I guess I would have to if I was going to eat it again.
Would I feed it to friends? Possibly.


Ilene said...

The last month I was pregnant with Laura, I ate this dish every morning.

Except I would add cream to my milk. Basically I had half-and-half sweetened with peach and powdered sugar.

I hoped that a lot of the fat would go to the baby. That certainly didn't happen.

You wanna come up this weekend?

Morty said...

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone. I'm also allergic to the fuzz and I never knew that there was another one out there. :) I usually don't risk peeling and eating the fruit either, but I still love peach juice.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

It's creepy how coincidental it is that I ate that this morning.

I love it.

I add more milk too. I'm with dad.

Jergs Family said...

I had this for breakfast too! However, mine was actually a nectarine and then I sprinkle mine (whether it's peaches or nectarines) with Grape Nuts. Yummy! I've never tried it with brown sugar. I'll have to do that tomorrow!

And I'm with Lisa and Uncle Tom - definitely more milk.