Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foods of Durham Past: Frozen Lemon Dessert

Desserts might be my favorite thing to make. Many of my dessert recipes are from my mom's cookbooks. I'm not sure where she got this one and I don't even remember the first time she made it, but it is light, lemony and oh so refreshing. Even though its name is super boring.

When I was little, I would slice myself a square and then go back in the freezer with a knife and slice myself some more. And then some more. It's one of those desserts where you could eat the whole pan before realizing what you've done.

It wasn't until recent years that I realized it's basically homemade lemon ice cream sandwiched between graham crackers. The recipe calls for a double boiler to heat the eggs, sugar and lemon juice, but we never had one so Mom always improvised with two pots. I don't have a double boiler either so I also use two pots. After the heated mixture thickens (and then cools), you whip a pint of heavy cream and then fold it into the lemon/sugar/egg mixture.

I've changed the way Mom used to make it a little bit. Instead of lining the pan with graham crackers, I crush them, add some butter and make more of a crust. The recipe also tells you to put it in a 9 x 13 cake pan, but I put it in a smaller one so the squares come out taller (or double the recipe). It doesn't change the taste, but now I can cut the same size piece (area wise) and have more dessert without having to put a giant square on my plate.

Last Sunday I made this recipe for my dinner guests and barely a graham cracker crumb remained on their plates. I don't think I've made this for anyone who hasn't loved it. Except for one friend of mine who doesn't like lemon. Can't really help that.

Would I eat it again? Oh yes.
Would I make it again? Oh I will.
Would I feed it to friends? If they ask nicely.


Ilene said...

I remember that dessert. Delish.

Who doesn't love a graham cracker crust? I just made it for a coconut cream pie. Also delish.

My friends Teri and Lauren secretly read your blog because they find you so charming.

Kelly D. said...

Mmmm, that looks heavenly. I'm wishing for a piece right now . . .

Ang said...

YUM! We have a version of that one in our family too - just vanilla ice cream mixed with lemonade concentrate with the graham crackers on bottom and top. It's one of my favorites.

SRA said...

I give this a Facebook-style "like" thumbs-up.

carter said...

Now you're talking. I'm hoping another one of mom's desserts makes your exclusive list though. Let's just say it also involves graham crackers. And I worship it.

But yes, this one is good. I like your idea of making more of a crust. The crumbs were always kind of dusty. And not enough of them. But it's good. Kelly, you've had it, haven't you???

Laura Lee said...

Carter, I know exactly which dessert you're talking about. It's crossed my mind. I've actually never made it in my adult years and I've never made the chocolate topping, but I'll give it a shot.

This will have to be one that I invite people over for since I don't want to be left with 16,000 calories worth of dessert in my fridge. Maybe you can bring your family over and eat it.

carter said...

I've made it numerous times. It's a snap. The hardest part is waiting.

You and I are quite different in this regard -- I'd love nothing more than to have 16,000 calories worth of dessert in my fridge. But yes, if you invite us over, we WILL eat it. I will eat as many of those 16k as I'm allowed.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

You should start leaving the recipes with these. (the good ones...)

I too remember going back to the dish and cutting off a sliver, then doing it again. I want some.

Leave recipes.