Sunday, August 09, 2009

Foods of Durham Past: Frosted Graham Crackers

Did you know some people actually buy pre-made frosting from the store? This is something I didn’t learn until after I left the nest.
I remember going to the store with a friend a long time ago to buy a cake mix. What happened next was very odd and unexpected: she picked up a little tub of frosting to go with it. I must have given her the strangest look. I don’t remember if my first thought was “Stores sell frosting?” or “What do you think you’re doing?”

When I tried the packaged frosting I was grossly disappointed. I’ll admit, some of it isn’t bad. It’s not like I won’t eat it, but once you’ve had homemade frosting, you don’t want to go back (unless your taste buds have no regard for you, natural ingredients or the finer things in life).

My mom made chocolate cake a lot. She usually made it from a box, but the frosting? Oh, you better believe the frosting was made from scratch. Real butter, cocoa powder, powdered sugar…mmmm…I’ve actually taken Mom’s homemade frosting cue and created variations on the recipe in an effort to be more gourmet. I’ll stir in sour cream and sometimes yogurt. I’ll add cinnamon, vanilla bean or lemon zest. My favorite? zesting an orange with a microplane and squeezing a bit of juice to make chocolate orange frosting. SO good.

Anyway, Mom totally spoiled me with the homemade frosting. One thing I remember her doing after she frosted the cake was using the leftovers to make these tasty treats. Maybe your mom made the same thing: Frosted Graham Crackers.

She would frost them and then wrap a stack in foil so they wouldn’t get stale I guess. They’re good right after they’re frosted, but if you let them sit for awhile, the frosting softens the graham crackers making them easier to eat. It’s the simplest idea to utilize leftover frosting – and a happier way to eat graham crackers.

Would I eat them again? I just did.
Would I make them again? Absolutely.
Would I feed them to friends? Already have.


Shannon said...

I loved this post because I totally relate to everything you said! My mom would make these same things with leftover frosting! We loved them. If fact, its still one of my sister's favorite things. And my mom never bought frosting from the store. She always made it from scratch, and you are so right... if you've grown up with the real thing, the pre-made stuff at the store just does not cut it. I am a snob. I won't eat that stuff. I think its nasty.

Ang said...

This is totally one of my family's favorite treats! It was an after school snack for us at least weekly growing up.

I just made them for Tommy's lunch this week :) Mmmmmmmmmm.....

carter said...

I make them sometimes too. Wanna know something cool? When we lived in Pasadena, food wouldn't "dry out" as fast -- or ever. Humidity? Anyway, I would make these things and not even have to wrap them in foil. They'd just be moist and chewy as long as they sat there.

Jergs Family said...

These are THE best after school snack ever! My mom, your aunt, made them all the time. In fact, when Johnny started Kindergarten, she brought over a tupperware full of chocolate frosted graham crackers. The only difference is we love to freeze them - then the frosting gets all hard and cold and they aren't so gooey. You'll have to try the frozen version. It's a totally different culinary experience! Let me know what you think.

And yes, homemade frosting is a must! So much better than the muck they sell in the tub. Bluck!

Kelly D. said...

Your mom's chocolate frosting is one of the most delicious things on earth. I can understand the disappointment in tub frosting after growing up on that stuff :)

Ilene said...

I didn't buy the frosting did I? If I did, though, I had good reason. My mom's frosting used Crisco instead of butter.

Love my mom, but I will NEVER use her frosting recipe.

Gimme butter. Cream cheese frosting on graham crackers is my favorite.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

I can't re-create that dang frosting. No matter how hard I try. I remember mom dumping cup after cup after cup of powdered sugar in there, and I was SO amazed that it just kept disappearing into the mix. Where did it all go?!

In my stomach.

Charlotta-love said...

I LOVED that treat when I was young. Mmm...

I think chocolate cake should be made soon!