Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eight Things

This is only because I love you, Tara.

8 Things I'm passionate about

1. Food
2. Music
3. Certain Movies
4. My testimony of the gospel
5. Any calling I'm given in church
6. My blog
7. My family (including ancestors I've never met)
8. Traveling

8 Things I say often

1. 'n stuff (I hate this about me)
2. and things like that (when I catch myself wanting to say 'n stuff. No better really)
3. Are you kidding me?
4. Oh really?
5. Yay!
6. You're the best
8. Sounds like a plan

8 Things I want/need

1. My car door handle to be fixed
2. New black heels
3. To learn how to use everything this computer does
4. My driveway to be repaved
5. A new cell phone
6. A car with power locks and windows
7. my workstation at my office to be more ergonomic
8. eight hours of sleep every night

8 Things I want to do before I die

1. Visit Italy (I just kept this from Tara's list)
2. Fall in love and get married (yes, it was necessary to put both of those on the same line. Is it OK to say I want this before I'm 35? And have a kid or two by then too)
3. Own my own pet (cat or dog, whatever)
4. Live in Boston or D.C. for a little while

That's it. I can't think of any more. I'm a simple girl, I don't ask for much.


SRA said...

Italy! Ahhhhh...bliss.

Ilene said...

I'm glad the order is fall in love and get married rather than get married and then fall in love.

Although it worked for Tevia (sp?) and his wife in Fiddler on the Roof.

Then your dad could sing "sunrise, sunset" at your wedding reception, right?