Friday, February 08, 2008

Breakfast Platter Deluxe

I've been reading through a lot of my old journals lately. It's what I do when I want to read, but I don't have any magazines around and I don't want to commit to a book. I can entertain myself to no end with my journals. I stayed up for two hours past my bedtime a couple weeks ago reading about my adventures and misadventures in 2002. I documented a lot of dreams I had which was fun. I thought I would flip through these pages and post the most exciting entry on my blog, but instead I'm going to post the most boring.

But first, let me say that I love sharing my dreams. Personally, I think they're hilarious and packed with symbolism, but my sister once told me how my dreams are really boring. "They're just like a normal day" she said. It's true. I don't dream in sci-fi or action/adventure. So if my dreams are boring, imagine what a typical day for me is like.

Instead of boring you with one of my dreams, I'm going to bore you with an entry about a normal day: December 12, 2002. What I love about this is how revealing it is when it comes to the way my mind tries to work to make even the simplest decision.

All I really wanted was hash browns.

Well, first all I wanted was toast with peanut butter. But then I discovered that we don't have any peanut butter in my house so I thought, "I'll just pick up something at McDonalds." So I stop at the McDonalds downtown thinking I wanted pancakes and hash browns. The hash browns were important. I drive up to the menu. They have a pancake platter. They have a pancake platter with eggs and sausage. Sausage? Gross. No sausage thank you. That platter was $2.79. I guess I could get that, but I wanted hash browns. A side of hash browns was $1.29, but I needed something more than that. The only other pancake platter that included hashbrowns was the Breakfast Platter Deluxe. That was only a dollar more than the $2.79 one. I usually try to not spend more than $3.00 at fast food drive-thrus but this was a special exception because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I order the Breakfast Platter Deluxe: two pancakes, two english muffins, "scrambled" eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. Now that is a lot of food. The sausage and one of the english muffins went straight into the trash and I barely ate the pancakes and the eggs. But man, those hash browns were good. (End)

I don't remember the last time I did fast food for breakfast. I'm usually pretty good about eating before I head out the door. But it's typically cereal or toast, or if I feel like it, eggs. I LOVE breakfast food: pancakes, french toast, and cheese blintzes are good. My favorite is the international breakfast at IHOP where you get the crepes, toast and the eggs (over medium) and the bacon. But for some reason, a big breakfast tastes best around midnight. Like right now, I could really go for some breakfast.


Ilene said...

Laura- people only want to hear about your dreams if they are in them. So if you want to tell Lisa about a dream insert her appearance somewhere and she will listen more attentively.

Now I want hash browns.

Lately I have taken to craving homemade egg muffin sandwiches for dinner. I get the nice bacon from the deli counter, Tillamook cheese, Thomas English muffins with the nooks and crannies, and Dan's eggs (he makes the best scrambled eggs). Oh, it is divine. Wash it down with some orange juice... all I need is some hash browns.

charlotta-love said...

I love hash browns too. If you ever live out east, there is this chain called Waffle House. They have hash browns galore. They aren't drive through though.

p.s. I totally understand entertaining yourself with journals. My mom just found a box of my stuff from high school and it has occupied MANY late nights as I sort through it.

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

Now THAT is just not true. But when Laura says "I had the craziest dream, I woke up, got dressed, went to work, had lunch, then CAME HOME..."

you find yourself waiting for the punchline.

Just as I found myself waiting for the punchline after the hash browns incident.

Laura Lee said...

I am laughing at Lisa's comment SO hard right now, because you're right, there is no punch line. I would hardly call this trip to the drive through an "incident".

So when they say that we should keep journals for our least my great grandchildren can read this and think "A breakfast platter deluxe was only $3.79 back then?"

Nasher said...

Your sister is right. You do have boring dreams.

Anonymous said...

They say that dreams are just your brain's way of describing your days and what you think about. So...yeah! You can analyze that however you would like :) I wanted to make breakfast yesterday. Pancakes, the whole deal....didn't happen. I think it's always easier to just go out though, because by the time to get it all on to one's cold. blah.

Hilda said...

I actually thought that was pretty exciting. I love McDonald's more than anyone I know, especially their hash browns. But I agree with you on the sausage...gross!