Monday, September 03, 2007

Collections and Recollections

Recently I remembered I collect lanterns, although I haven't actively collected them for years. Mostly because I don't have places to keep them anymore. I see lanterns at different places and think I would like to buy them, but of course I don't because my practical side has intruded on my more impulsive side lately. Maybe one day I'll start collecting them again. But I do have one sitting to the left of my desktop here at home that I really like. I think I got this one at TJ Maxx.

The lanterns pictured aren't mine of course. I'm too lazy to take a picture of my lantern and upload it to my computer, so I just googled lanterns and found some I thought looked cool.

This got me to thinking about all the things I used to collect growing up. One thing I collected when I was little was mugs: souvenir mugs, to be more specific. I have mugs from Disneyland, Canada, Yellowstone, F.A.O. Shwartz, San Diego, etc. And sometimes when my dad went out of town on business he would bring me back a mug. So I think I have a mug from Georgia with peaches on it. I even have a mug with the Simpsons on it. I bought that one at ZCMI at South Towne Mall. The best one is the FAO Shwartz mug because the tall NYC buildings fade when you put hot chocolate in it and stuffed animals and toys appear.

All my mugs are currently wrapped in newspaper and sitting in a couple boxes somewhere at my parents' house. I'm not sure how many I have. When I lived at home, I used to sit on my bed and think about my mugs, trying to count them in my head and identify where I bought each one. I should uncover those sometime. Last time I used them was for a soup party I had several years ago. I let everyone pick a mug. I should do that again.

I collect angels too. Although I wasn't aware of that until my mother told me. Apparently, she would give me an angel every year for Christmas. I don't know when she started doing that, but she still does, I think. It was a couple years ago when she gave me a present and said,

"And this is your yearly gift for your collection." I was like,
"I collect angels?"
"Yes, I give you one every year!"

I can't believe I never noticed. I remember thinking, "I do have a lot of angels up in my room." Now I usually don't bring them out until I decorate for Christmas though. I wonder how many I have. I guess I could count my angels and that will tell me how many years I've been collecting them -- kind of like rings on a tree.

Again, the angels pictured aren't mine. Although they look like angels my mom would buy for me. Mostly because they're singing. And they're Scandinavian.

Other things I collect:

glass jars
pens that aren't mine

What do YOU collect?


ThomCarter said...

I think that it is great that your mother has a specific gift that she gives you every year. I am sure that will be something that you keep sacred for years to come.

As far as what I collect . . .

I used to collect baseball cards.
Now I collect hats. I have about 300 in circulation (I keep a big tub of them in my room). I have a hat for every occasion. I even designed many of them. I loved working for the Arizona Diamondbacks because I could wear a hat to work, now I need to find an occasion.

I also collect ex-girl friends . . . not on purpose.

Ilene said...

I remember your mugs hanging from those shelves in your room. It is quite an impressive collection.

I collect projects. Whether I do them or not is another story.

I used to collect quotes.
I still collect interior design ideas.
I collect recipes
I collect art (okay, not really. But I would like to).

For years I liked horses so I got a bunch of horse stuff the problem was after my horse years I still got horse stuff. Luckily, that has ceased.

I used to collect Sleeping Beauty items too. That urge has happily ceased.

charlotta-love said...

I used to collect: letters, stamps, coins, koala bears, stuffed animals, keychains, and amethyst stones since that's my birthstone. Now I collect volks wagon beetle replicas. I can only hope one day to get married and have little boys. I'll already have lots of cars for them to play with!

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

i think i collect blankets. Speaking of which, want to go to IKEA, there is a blanket i want there..

clint said...

lanterns? now i know where to go in a blackout.
as for me i collect snow globes....just kidding. i collect money.