Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August's Little Victories

After several fearful nights of being feasted on, I finally exterminated the mosquito living in my room. Twice.

For once, I mailed Ilene’s birthday present on time.

I found my chap stick!

After five years of driving the State vehicle, I figured out how to use the wiper fluid.

I found a chair I liked and bought it for the living room.

Took a basic Excel class. I get it now.

I got through a whole day without having to hear “Hey There Delilah” on the radio.

I found my chap stick again!

I built up a tolerance to my Listerine so now I can swish for the recommended 30 seconds without crying from the burning.

The ward finally secured an Enrichment leader for me.

City Weekly wrote a good review about our current show at the Rio!


charlotta-love said...

Now I have Delilah stuck in my head. It's okay...I still like that song. said...

So many victories and there are still 7 days left in the month!!!

Ilene said...

I hope you don't get your hopes up at my mailing your birthday present on time. . . I guess I still have four months to prepare, though.

Congrats on the chapstick. I know what it is like to lose that. I lost mine within my diaper bag for a week. It was very distressing (especially because I searched my diaper bag several times).

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

I freakin hate that delilah song. I don't listen to the radio much, but whenever I try to give it the benefit of the doubt...there that damn delilah every time.