Friday, April 13, 2007

Trick questions

I haven’t applied for a job in a long time, probably because I’ve had this job for six years. The last job I applied for was at a temp agency in Portland, Oregon. And it was pretty straightforward. I don’t mind interviewing for jobs, but sometimes filling out the applications seems so meaningless.

Because Glen is retiring from the Utah Arts Council after 30 years, a couple of us are up for promotions, and with that comes filling out applications and job re-classifications.

Human Resources, who apparently has no idea what we do here, writes the application questions. Some of these don’t make any sense in respect to the position. For example, Fletcher is applying for the Traveling Exhibition Program. Basically he will load up the art truck, drive it all over the state, unload it and install exhibits at schools, retirement centers and other community buildings. Nowhere in his application does it ask if he can drive a large vehicle. Under “level of physicality” it says “sedentary”. I guess he's sedentary when he's in the driver's seat. I also found it odd how where it lists job responsibilities for the Traveling Exhibition Program, under “travel” it says, “none”.

But so far this is my favorite question:

“How do you ensure that what you write will be concise, and yet be interpreted as intended? Please explain.”

First of all, how are you supposed to answer something like that?

Second of all, I had to laugh at the irony as I stumbled my way through the wording there.

If I put,

“How do you ensure what YOU write is concise, yet interpreted as intended?”

maybe that will answer their question. This has got to be a trick where they’re just trying to see if you can write clearly.


Ilene said...

Lame questions. But happy news that you are up for some kind of promotion! The application for the UO jobs are equally ridiculous and tedious. It must be a government thing. When I worked in the private sector (I knew I would be able to use that phrase one day), I just sent in a resume and was interviewed. No other mumbo jumbo and hoops to deal with.

charlottalove said...

Best of luck with the concise application answers. :o) Loved the Calvin clip you attached.

Thomas said...

This is Charlotta's friend Thom - I think that sarcasm is the best way to get a job. When I was at my final interview for my current job (I am the lobbyist for the healthcare wing of the Archdiocese of Newark).

They asked if I would be okay working for the Catholic Church.

I said, "As long as you are okay with 10% of what I make going to the Mormons I have no problems working for the Catholics."

dre said...

I had something funny to write but I forgot when I read Thom's sarcasim.

Ha ha, the mormons! that is priceless.

Really I can't remember what I was going to say