Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pep Talk for Jack

You've been a good boy Jacky Jack. Good luck with surgery this morning. Auntie Laura is praying for you, mommy, daddy and all the doctors working on your heart today.

You're going to be drugged up for awhile, so when I come to visit you in the PICU and you're asleep know that I love you very much and you're in my thoughts.

If there's intense security at the PICU because of the formerly conjoined Herrin twins making all the national headlines, know that I tried to visit and I'll see you when you come home.


Rhett said...

Good Luck Jack!!!

My prayers are with you and your family.

Maria said...

Jack! I heard your surgery went well and you are doing great! Hurry up and get home and visit your Aunt Laura so I can hold you again.

laura said...

Thanks guys for your care and concern. Jack is doing much better and had his oxygen taken out today, which is good. Now Jack's roughed up face just needs to heal from him trying to scratch/yank/pull the tube out himself.