Friday, August 11, 2006

Fireworks and Philly Cheesesteaks

Does anyone know what the fireworks were about last night? They were the best fireworks I've seen all year. Kaila and I had a great view out on our porch. They came from just south of our house downtown. Maybe the Gallivan Center.

Last night for our traditional "Thursday Night Dinner" Kaila, Maria, Paul and I went to Moochie's. It's kind of a hole in the wall place in the back of Circle Pottery on 800 South and 232 East. I thought it was good. They're famous for their Philly cheesteaks and meatball sandwiches. I had the Philly cheesesteak. I liked it and I'll probably go back and try one of their other sandwiches.

Here is a picture of Paul eating his Philly cheesesteak "moochie meal". He said it was better than he expected it to be.

And a picture of Maria shocked at Paul's low expectations when Moochie's banner outside clearly claims theirs to be "the most authentic Philly cheesesteak in Salt Lake City."

I think Thursday Night Dinners are kicking into gear again. We kind of slowed down for awhile because of schedules, vacations and whatever. But we've been going for about 13 months now, with an occasional miss.

These dinners began, as I said, a little over a year ago in an effort to more fully appreciate the local restaurants in a downtown that I felt I was taking for granted. And I was sick of eating at Applebees. So every Thursday we try and hit a restaurant that at least one of us has never eaten at before. Here is a chronology of all the new restaurants I've been to this past year as a result of our new tradition:

Market Street Grill
The Garden Restaurant
Pei Wei
Coachman's Pancake House
One World Cafe
The Melting Pot
The Grill Broadway
Jazzee's Cajun
Cucina Toscana
Gourmandie's Bakery
Red Butte Cafe
Blue Plate Diner
The Bombay House
The Other Place Restaurant
Tres Hombres
Sugarhouse BBQ Co.
Avenues Bakery
Atlantic Cafe and Market
Baci Trattoria (now closed)
Mo's Neighborhood Grill
Paradise Bakery
Cloud 9
Siegfried's German Deli

Vote for your favorite or let me know if there's a restaurant that we should go to that's not on the list.


kaila said...

That can't possibly be all of the places we've been. Tell me that isn't a complete list.

joN. said...

Maaaaaaybe Ichiban is my favorite. Not sure. I'm actually a bit surprised looking at the list that there aren't too many places I tried that I'd want to eat at again. I wouldn't mind hanging out at Faustina again, but I wouldn't want to eat anything. I have no doubt that I'd love the places you've gone to without me. So why didn't you mention Arctic Circle?

laura said...

Oh my gosh! Arctic Circle! I totally forgot about that place.

Kaila, this is a list of all the places that I haven't been before. So, you're right, it's not a complete list. We ate at Lamb's, Em's, Cafe Pierpont, etc. but I had already been to those places before, so I didn't include those in my journal list. Kinda selfish. I guess I should have kept a log for everyone.

Maria saw this book at Barnes and Noble that we should have had all along. It's specifically for trying new restaurants. You write down what everyone ordered and comments about the food. That would have been cool.

kaila said...

You're right Laura. That was pretty selfish. Think of all of us (me) who do not have a good memory and can't remeber where we ate last week. I wish your list was complete but I will survive. I guess I should have kept my own log...but then that isn't like me.

laura said...

If anyone can think of places we ate that aren't on the list because I had personally eaten there before, let me know. I'll include a separate list. I can think of a few already: Oasis Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, Thaifoon...

laura said...

All right here's my list of places we've been that I had already been to:

Cafe Pierpont
Hard Rock Cafe
Lamb's Cafe
Oasis Cafe

I'm sure there's more

dre said.... said...

A place I loved for a first time dining experience is the Fidler's Elbow right off 21st south and like 10 east? Remember when you go, the leather couches are not for "wait to be seated" it is actually a section. ask to sit there. And PS... I want to come this thur!

PPS:Don't bother with blue plate diner.

dre said...

If you like tie (Thai) go to Swanndee on south temple. Very good

laura said...

Thanks Dre. I'll be sure to let you know about this Thursday.

Not sure where we'll go. We still need to hit that Bingo Parlor one of these Thursdays.

I actually have been to Sawadee on South Temple, and I agree, it's very good. I like their Massiman Curry. Or something like that.