Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goal #23: Stayin Alive

I don't really have any indoor plants right now. I've had bouquets of flowers and a poinsettia plant that stayed alive for awhile. But this here is my lemon balm plant. It has stayed alive for six weeks now. It hasn't really flourished, but it's stayed alive. I bought it at this fantastic place on 400 South and about 400 West called Mololo Gardens. It's where I got all my exotic tomato plants that I'm excited to harvest later this summer. The guy said to keep this one inside because it makes the house smell lemony. Whatever. My house still smells like paint from when I first moved in. But the point is, IT HAS NOT DIED. So yes, success.

You see I'm very good at keeping plants alive outside (for the most part). My vegetable garden is doing great (see right). That arugula on the far left I grew from seed. I started it in a pot outside before I transplanted it and it has done very well. For some reason my parsley and carrot and cilantro seed on the front porch is still hiding in the dirt. Doesn't want to come out. Maybe it never will.

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