Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goal #13: Bikes!

The title of this post is a shout out to my friend who hooked me up with my new bike last month. Ever since I met him I would tease him about how every time I ran into him he was talking to someone about bikes. All of his conversations led to bikes. All of his FB posts were bike videos or something about his bike. One time, I think to be funny he just put "Bikes!" as his FB post. I rolled my eyes and moved on to other news and updates.

Anyway, the good news is, he now works at a bike shop in Kaysville and when I told him I wanted a bike he found one he thought I'd like and I do. It's great. I live further away from work than I used to so it's too far to walk (a little less than 5 miles). But not too far to ride!

One of my coworkers lives nearish to me so we met up this morning to ride to work together. When we got to work we saw that Jim rode his bike too (Jim also doesn't live far from me). Coincidentally it was Mayor Becker's "Bike to Work Day". So I was an unwitting joiner. It was a lovely ride down. Can't wait to ride again. Not tomorrow though I need my car.

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Annie said...

I've always wanted to ride my bike to work! Way to go Laura!