Friday, December 30, 2011

Found a Reason to Blog

Hello blog, I've neglected you. But I have a plan to keep you alive. Read on.

It is my birthday. Again. They seem to come more frequently these days. Sometimes years go by and I've wondered what have I done this past year to improve myself or progress? I decided to do something different to commemorate my 34th year so I have resolved to accomplish 34 goals in 2012. That's 2.8 goals a month, which means that will be 2.8 blog posts a month because I will blog about each goal I accomplish. I've been thinking of goals for a couple weeks now and this is what I've come up with. It's kind of convenient with my birthday and the new year so close together. I can't think of a 34th goal, but decided I could keep that open for the time being for either one of you few readers to suggest one for me or for me to fill in as I go along. 

Here are my goals. If you can/want to help me with any of them, it would be greatly appreciated :)

1      Bake a loaf of bread from scratch
2      Make someone’s day
3      Read all the books people have loaned me
4      Compost
5      Make a quilt
6      Publish an article
7      Memorize a piano piece
8      Take some photographs that I actually want to print and put on my wall
9      Make a get-well package for a sick friend
10    Visit the DUP Museum up by the Capitol
11    Sew shades for my windows
12    Get all my unframed artwork framed
13    Ride a bike to work
14    File Away EVERYTHING
15    Call a friend I haven’t talked to for over a year just to say hi.
16    Eat vegan for one week   
17    Look presentable for work every day for a week (skirt and makeup)
18    Mail a letter to Grandma Durham
19    Send a thank you note/email for every gift/meal someone buys/gives me
20    Make a book of my blog from the beginning
21    Take all my nieces and nephew on a special outing for each of their birthdays
22    Prepare for Sunday School as if I were the one teaching the lesson (just once)
23    Keep an indoor plant for longer than a month
24    Implement a pilot program at work and see it through to success
25    Buy season tickets to something
26    Take some friends to San Diego
27    Learn to swim proper laps
28    Organize a Durham cousin getaway -- we’ve been talking about it for awhile.
29    Play the piano at Canyon Creek for Grandma
30    Visit a state I’ve never been to
31    Try a personal shopper
32    Complete an awesome DIY project.
33    Arrange for someone to give me a tour of the Leonardo and the Natural History Museum
34    ?

So stay tuned for January. I'll post about the first 2-3 goals I complete!


Lisa Marie Trent said...

I can help you with #5,#18,#27,#30.

SRA said...

I loved The Leonardo much more than the Natural History Museum. The film they have at The Leo..."A Chair is a Chair"...seriously one of the most adorable films I've ever seen. Worth the price of admission by itself, if you ask me...but you're not...this is just my $0.02...

Good luck with the list!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday! If I was closer I could help you with #1 and #11. If you come out here, Chris could give you a tour of any of the fun museums in DC. We are always looking for a reason to go into town! Maybe you should plan a trip out. Have you ever been to West Virginia? Then you could cross out #30!

Liz said...

Sorry, I didn't realize I was signed in as Chris! Ha, now it seems pretty funny! Anyway, sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

You accomplished #2 already.

Kristi said...

I volunteer for 5, 20, 26 (seriously... please?),27 and 32. I love projects!

Nasher said...

I would be happy to help with visiting the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum. I have always thought it was just a silly organization, partly because it was about pioneers and party because it was about women (sorry I know that sounds terrible). So I would like to give them the chance to prove me wrong.

Also I would like to offer a suggestion for 34. Help me learn how to make leek soup from scratch. I found a recipe I wouldn't mind trying but I have never cooked with leeks and am a bit nervous.

Happy late Birthday!

Jergs Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Good luck with all of your goals this year! I can help you with #1 and #28. I can't promise that your homemade bread will look amazing, but it will be made from fresh ground whole wheat and be very healthy for you! Just let me know if and when. Talk to you later.

Laura Lee said...

Pete and Monica you are on. We'll be in touch.