Monday, February 01, 2010

Things I Can't Seem to Remember

I pride myself on my long term memory. If I hear bits of information that I think will be useful for me in the future, I remember them. I always remember that I owe people money (uh…if I owe you money, now is a good time to remind me). I remember what people said, I remember how they reacted to what I said, I remember what their mood was and I remember my meetings and appointments.

However, there are certain things I can’t seem to remember. Whether it’s because I just can’t convince myself they’re true or I simply let them slip my mind, I don’t know. But as it took me 20 minutes to get from 1300 East to 400 West today, I made a list in my head.

  • Going down 300 S. takes twice as long as any other street.
  • Chinese food makes me sick.
  • The code to my parents’ garage door.
  • Scooter’s not there anymore.
  • How to feed the paper if I want to print on the other side.
  • Not one of the pens in my drawer here actually works.
  • My scissors are lost.
  • I can’t draw like I used to.
  • Blogger doesn't work so well in Firefox.
  • I don’t own a ladle.
  • The password to my Rocky Mountain Power online account.
  • I don’t have a yoga mat at home. Just the one in my office.
  • Maria closes down the restrooms in my building for 2 hours each morning.
  • Mucinex makes me crazy.
  • NyQuil makes me groggy.
  • Kool-Aid is good.
  • One Tree Hill is still on the air.
  • I have a good job.
  • The light bulb in the basement is burnt out.
  • I can’t keep potted trees alive.
  • Extreme Home Makeover makes me cry.
  • There’s ice cream in the freezer.
  • Where I keep my passport.
  • I don’t like the pastries at Gourmandise
  • I love the food at Gourmandise.


Annie said...

I'd like to add where you put your cell phone to that list. Although you seem to be getting better with that one.

SRA said...

Ah Gourmandise...need to get there again soon! I love the randomness of your thought process, too. :)

Kelly D. said...

I find that Durhams seem to have crazy good memories. Especially the ones I live with. It's scary sometimes.

My list would be 40X that, so good job!

Ilene said...

Last week I forgot that I don't like Thai food. Dan ended up eating my plate of food. So disappointing.

Do you know when I discovered my dislike for Thai? Our weekend trip to Portland where we went to that Thai place downtown.

However, I am glad to see that you haven't forgot your incredible ability to fit yourself under random tables...

carter said...

OK, here's one I hate: I always forget that I don't need a huge ice cream thing at Dairy Queen. I always get some huge thing, and halfway through I think, "I'm good. I don't need anymore of this. Why did I get something this big? Didn't I do this last time? I must remember to get something really small next time." But then I do it again. Idiot.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

I've got a great long term memory.

But it's true- each time I pull out of mom and dad's at night, I always catch myself looking at the windows of the landing to see if I can see the headlights reflection flash in Scooter's eyes.

It's sad. And alarming.

UltraLeanGreen said...

you have inherited this gift (long-term memory retention) from your Mother I believe. Becky knows more about my life than I do. Whenever I want to feel a bit nostalgic, I can go to lunch with your Mom and the stroll down memory lane begins. I seldom want it to end.

Jen Christensen said...

Hi Laura
I found your avacado, blue cheese, cranberry salad on the what's for dinner blog. Just wondering what measurements you use for the the olive oil, white wine vinegar, and orange juice dressing.