Thursday, October 23, 2008

What? For me?

Wow! I got a blog award from one of the coolest people I know! Her name is Jaime Mormann Richardson and I worked with her at the LRC at BYU. We kinda kept in touch after school, but not really. Now with the advent of blogs we are reunited in mutual admiration. Be sure to check out her blog sophistimom. She is a culinary and all around lifestyle genius. I want to be a mom like her someday. I loved her post on manners.

I've received a blog award once before from someone I've never met named Abel, but I visited his blog regularly and I was flattered to get a mention from him. However, I failed to follow the rules and list my 5 current favorite blogs. So I'm going to do that now. Because I follow so many great blogs, it's hard to pick five. I feel like it's setting me up for hurting feelings. Please don't let me hurt your feelings if you're not on here. These just happen to be on my mind right now.

1. Kells Belles
This is my sister in law. I remember her talking to me earlier this year about starting a blog. I'm so glad she did, because I smile everytime Google Reader tells me she's updated. She's a great writer and I laugh out loud at her stories about her kids.

2. Miss Sorenson
This is my friend Kristi. It took her way too long to start a blog, but it was a winner from the beginning with the stories about her first graders. "Kids Say the Darndest Things" ain't got nothin on this blog.

3. Cupcake Blog
If you know me, you probably know I love to bake, and if you really know me you probably know I love miniature cupcakes. And if you're a trusted friend you know I had a dream last year to start my own cupcake business. Hasn't happened, but my adoration for creative mini cupcakes lives on. My friend Shannon introduced me to this blog and the first picture I saw was a mini apple spice cupcake with caramel on top and a wooden stick stuck in it. I was hooked. I didn't necessarily want to eat it, but I thought it was pure genious.

4. Red Delicious
I don't know if this breaks the rules because I've really only read one or two posts by this blogger. But the post I link to has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever read. Not a whole lot of her recent stuff has captivated me, but this one post is worth the mention. She's a pastry chef which might explain her bias.

5. The Cinematic Experience
Instead of choosing John's blog and/or Cameron's blog, which are usually excellent, I'm going to go for the hybrid. This is their new joint effort in a movie review show that actually airs on Comcast Channel 6 (I think -- I don't have cable so I have to watch it on the blog). The blog needs some work on its layout and aesthetic, but that should come with time. Each post is a 5 minute episode of them reviewing a different movie. They don't claim to be experts or anything, they're just an average movie goer like you.

On a completely different note, I feel I should report on my week of not spending and if it was painful or not. I was stellar. Except for today...but listen to this: I am planning a trip to New York and round-trip Delta flights were only $218! Come ON! You don't say no to that fare, even if you weren't planning a trip. I could have waited until tomorrow but if fares go up I will kick myself. And THAT would be painful. I think I made the wise choice.

I'll tell you what, I have a weekly obligation to my church to design and print the Sunday program. I typically upload the file to Kinkos' website for them to print every Thursday and charge it to my credit card. I do this on Thursday because I don't work on Fridays and it's easier to just take care of it at my work computer. Because I'm devoted to my goal I emailed the file to myself so I can order it tomorrow. The thought did cross my mind to just bag the whole not spending thing since I already charged my card for the airfare but then I thought, "No, I am not going to be that person who throws everything out the window because of one little slip up (if you feel good about calling it that)." Just because I used my card doesn't mean I stop trying.


SRA said...

Congrats. Well done. Bien hecho.

Annie said...

Congratulations on your blog award! And you made a wise choice, round trip tickets today are $288.

Saule Cogneur said...

I think you should never feel guilty for praising some but not others. Some of us may be sad we aren't your favorites, but come on. Whose fault is it our posts aren't more interesting?

I blame the Republicans.

Kristi said...

Congratulations! And thank you. And I'm jealous you're going to New York. That will be fun.

Kelly Durham said...

Your blog is excellent. Those citations are well deserved.

I'm honored you read my blog and like it! Seriously, you were my blog role model when I started Kell's Belles.

And hi, $218 is amazing. I don't blame you one bit for going for it!

Jen T said...

I found your blog from Jamie's blog, and I was excited because I also worked at the LRC in the HBLL at BYU. What a small world! When were you there? I loved that place! It is in a totally different place now. But when I was there we were on the 2nd floor with all the cubicles with the headphones and the tape/CD players at the front. Great job! Nice to meet a fellow LRC worker!

Laura Lee said...

I was there 1998-2000, with Roy and Rebecca. I'm sure you were there too...I remember at least 2 Jens.

Jen T said...

I was there 94-96, with Roy and Dawn and then Greg, so before you, but fun to find the connection! Looking forward to viewing your blog often!
Jen T
KS BYU Mom of 4 :)

boneck family said...

i went to your friends blog who is the culinist(?) (i run out of thigns to read at work) and IMMEDIATELY got hungry! that is the most delicious blog!